Research Firm Technavio Expects Nintendo NX Launch This Year

Market research firm Technavio are reporting that they expect Nintendo to launch their NX platform later this year which will in turn drive the growth of the video game market next year. Nintendo has already stated that it plans to reveal the NX this year, but its launch remains a mystery with many assuming it’s set to be a fall 2016 release.

“The market is predicted to grow with the launch of various next-generation consoles. Nintendo is set to launch their next-generation gaming consoles in 2016, which will drive the growth of the market in 2017. Post 2019, Xbox and PS4 are also predicted to launch their next-generation gaming consoles over the next four years,” – Soumya Mutsuddi, one of Technavio’s lead research analysts for gaming.



  1. -||I don’t care when High Command unleashes the weapon, just make it destroy everything like The First Order of Nintendo should||-

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      1. -||I see, well I did send him to his room earlier too so||-

        -||What hostility are you speaking of though? Besides his natural “charisma”||-


      2. This I can not divulge but just be civil to people :) I’m trying to create a nice, chill environment which is why I took the move a while ago to make people have to log-in to comment these days.


      3. Oh man. You better be Glade I’m on a short lease right now. I will not disrespect the creator of this site until I know when my “supposedly” ban is up.

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      4. -||This was just a warning, now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Xbots to destroy||-


      1. According to KOEI TECMO, the “NX” is a HOME console! Get used to it! Their new system launches THIS YEAR. The “NX” Portable/GamePad launches NEXT YEAR!


  2. nah the NX is gonna fail once it launch this year i want the NX launch next year because there gonna put there mobile titles on the upcoming platform and it will be release in 2017 yeah thats what nintendo said about that a few months ago to be honest i just want nintendo to make a simple console that would be more successful then the Wii U.


    1. Mobile titles really?
      Nintendo NX is going to be the golden Godzilla for Nintendo that will smash out Awesome huge title games and Rad stuff like Mario maker, Star Fox, Mario paper, Mario Kart 9, Mario Olympics, Yoshi’s Woolly World, Pokken Tournament, Mario Toadstool tournament, Splatoon, The Legend of Zelda etc…. its time to roar Nintendo!


  3. A part of me hates hearing that the NX might launch this year, because I know I won’t be able to afford it right away. Just saving for a PS4 has been killing me these past few months. I can’t tell you all how tiresome it gets just eating sandwiches because of trying to put aside money for the PS4. Good thing I’m on a diet.


      1. Depends on what launch titles there are. The Wii U was the first Nintendo console that I waited a LONG time before buying. It was in stores for well over a year before I bought one. And even at that time, there wasn’t much games worth speaking of for it.


  4. to be honest, Nintendo should not rush to launch that thing. Just announce the damn thing, judge from the public reaction, make some change (if possible) between June to December 2016 then start production beginning of 2017 (April). Not knowing what the NX does, Nintendo need to focus on the Wii U , New 3DS and its 4 mobile games. Then they can focus on the NX and put the all marketing machine ON. Why people are so impatient????!!!!


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