Amiibo Nintendo

Japan Getting Amiibo Diorama Kits For Smash Bros and Kirby Series

Japanese collectors will soon be able to display their amiibos in style. On April 28th, Nintendo is releasing two dioramas with which fans can set up their own amiibo scenes. One mimics the Battlefield stage from Super Smash Bros., while the other depicts the night sky of Dreamland, home of everyone’s favorite pink puff, Kirby. Each diorama will be sold for 864 yen, with a bundle including the Kirby diorama and new Kirby amiibo being offered at  1,260 yen. You can get a good look at both dioramas, as well as the bundle in the pictures below.




  1. Sigh… I already have a hard enough time trying to buy amiibo all the time and not have my friends thinking I just play with toys all day, but if this comes out here and I buy it they’ll be convinced that’s all i’m doing…

    Oh well. Bring it over here NoA!

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