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Smash Bros. And Kirby Amiibo Diorama Packaging, Available Via Play Asia

A few days ago we posted about nifty Smash Bros. and Kirby amiibo diorama kits coming to Japan later this month. Now, thanks to Amazon JP, we know what the packages for these kits look like, and you can too by viewing them below.


Additionally, for you North American and European readers that expressed interest in purchasing these dioraman kits, there’s good news: you can pick up both on Play Asia for $14.99 when they are released on April 28th. Want an epic-battle backdrop for you Smash Bros. amiibo? Go here. Or if you want an elegant scene for your Kirby amiibo, you’ll want to go here.

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12 thoughts on “Smash Bros. And Kirby Amiibo Diorama Packaging, Available Via Play Asia”

    1. Or maybe it’s because I might have thought of this scene in Mr. Deeds with Adam Sandler at that moment without realizing it.

  1. A bit too steep for my tastes. Plus if it’s paper and plastic, I could probably make my own for less and better quality, the other stand that was on sale recently is better.
    Unless it’s BOTH for $15, each one at $7.50.

    1. Ya know what, that’s a very good fucking question! If that Zelda U announcement rumor is true, hopefully they’ll mention a Zelda series of amiibo. I’d love an amiibo of Skull Kid wearing Majora’s Mask!

      1. I’d like to say it’s because of Sakurai’s bias and nepotism, but I don’t think he’s 100% behind the decision, thinking back to why the Animal Crossing amiibo and amiibo Failure exist. Maybe I’m still bitter about how disappointing Sm4sh was.

        I myself want to see an F-Zero line- C. Falcon, Goroh, Dr. Stewart, Black Shadow, Silver Neelsen, James McCloud, etc. I’m willing to wait- when it comes to F-Zero, I’m used to waiting.

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