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Animal Crossing Is Officially 15 Years Old

The very first Animal Crossing title was released on April 14, 2001, which means the popular series is officially 15 years old. Nintendo has unveiled a video to celebrate the milestone, taking a look back at every released game in the series – from the original Animal Crossing to the Wii U spin-off Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival. Take a trip down memory lane by watching the commemorative video below:


  1. Hopefully they release something amazing for it’s 15th anniversary. I’ve been waiting for this moment for years, so I don’t want to be let down by nintendo again!


    1. That my friend is a matter of opinion. Animal Crossing drastically beats out Pikmin when it comes to longevity and replay value, but Pikmin often has more interesting- and pressing- objectives, and you have to think about how to accomplish your goals without killing your workforce. In my opinion, they’re about even in favorability.

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    2. In terms of sales or general recognition by the public ? Animal Crossing beats Pikmin hands down. In Japan, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the best-selling Nintendo 3DS game! I don’t think I’m exaggerating when saying Animal Crossing might be Nintendo’s 4th pillar after Mario, Zelda and Pokémon.

      If Nintendo wants Japanese gamers to adopt the NX, they would be wise to show they are working on a new chapter for the new console.


    1. They will probably do something special for The Legend of Zelda for Wii U. A special edition console would be cool. Twilight Princess HD probably also counts as part of its celebration. Metroid’s anniversary celebration is probably going to involve Federation Force. Animal Crossing, I guess there might be some kind of event in New Leaf. Pikmin? No clue…


      1. I’m guessing an announcement of Pikmin 4 would suffice. Heck, we already know it’s being made and far in development lol. Unless Miyamoto meant to say New Super Mario Bros Party Kart Paint Maker 4… :O


      2. For some reason, Nintendo doesn’t seem to think that special edition consoles are important unless it’s a handheld. The plain black and white Wii U’s have always bored me. Closest they ever came to a special edition Wii U was that Zelda one, where they just printed a design around the Gamepad. But the console was still boring black.


  2. Wow, that sure makes me feel old. I remember renting Animal Crossing (and Luigi’s Mansion) on GC launch day, because me and my brothers only had enough money for the system and one game (we bought Rogue Squadron 2, even though I wanted Luigi’s Mansion.. they wanted Star Wars haha).

    When I first saw the box for Animal Crossing, for some reason I thought it would be a puzzle game. I had no clue what the game would be. I didn’t read the box because we were in a rush to get home and play our new system. It was so much more than what I expected, and was so different from what I was used to playing. Me and my bros stayed up late, getting a kick out of everything you could do. Ended up becoming one of my favorite games on the console!

    It has evolved a lot since then. Can’t wait to see the next true entry in the series. New Leaf was stellar!

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      1. Yeah I know, I’m just more saying that given Wii U’s current state of being lacking of certain accustomed game franchises. Animal Crossing, in my.opinion is a big deal type of game for its level of connectivity. It could be made to be fun and satisfyingly rewarding if done right. It’s odd to me AC:(____)Wii U, didn’t happen a while back. Anyway, just yah. : p .


  3. I think the Wonderful 101 franchise is the most underrated franchise on Wii u. It would be nice if they made a W102 for NX one day as well. I dont hate Animal Crossing. It is good it is a seller. But Pikmin is my favorite franchise from Nintendo. Im glad Pikmin 4 is near complete. I hope I dont have to fork at least $300 to play it.assuming it is for NX. But if I do, so be it.

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  4. Hopefully, we’ll either get a brand new PROPER Animal Crossing game for Wii U/NX (Not Happy Home Designer or Amiibo Festival) or a HD Remaster of the Original game for Gamecube and N64 (It was first released on the N64 in Japan Only before being ported to GameCube in Europe, USA and UK)


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