Pikachu Themed Pokken Tournament Controller Coming

Japanese consumers will soon be able to get their hands on this ultra-colourful Pikachu themed Pokken Tournament controller in June. A number of retailers have begun taking pre-orders for the controller including popular importer, Play Asia. As you can see from the shots below it looks as though it’s a must have for Pokken Tournament fans.

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  1. For once, can’t we get someone other than Pikachu to be the mascot of a Pokemon game? This would have been the perfect chance to give Mewtwo some love as they used Shadow Mewtwo as Pokken Tournament’s mascot. Then again, they’d more than likely go with Lucario instead. Unless Lucario getting so much love is just a Sakurai thing in Smash.

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  2. I don’t like that it has just a d-pad. I know that’s what you generally use in fighting games, but sometimes I do like to switch from d-pad to analog stick, at least temporarily. It can make some move sets easier to pull off. Not even an option with this controller. No thanks, think I’ll pass on this one. Plus it’s pikachu.

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