Splatoon’s First-Ever Global Splatfest Takes Place Next Weekend And Is Miitomo-Themed

Mark your calendars for Splatoon‘s next Splatfest, which is set to take place next weekend. It is themed after Miitomo and asks players if they’d rather go to a fancy party or a costume party. In addition, for the first time ever, it will be held simultaneously in all regions – and the results will be global. The upcoming Splatfest starts on May 13 at 8 p.m. PT and ends at 3 a.m. PT on May 15. Head over to Inkopolis Plaza right now to cast your vote!



  1. What is it with Nintendo and Wearable Food?

    In the streetpass plaza on 3DS, a bunch of the Hats were food items you wore on your head, and then the first few Miitomo drop themes were all Food costumes.

    Does Japan just think this stuff is really funny?

    Does anyone else just think All the food based fashion items are a complete waste of space that would be better filled by something else?
    (So, I guess I’m Team Fancy, then…)

    … anyway, YAY global Events! I Love Splatfests.

    I wish Smash and MarioKart had events like that. That would be Great.

    1. Smash *kinda* does with the whole Conquest thing it does, though it’s so passive you’d almost forget it happens at all. Not to mention most themes are forgettable (except one that featured Star Fox VS Metroid VS Donkey Kong- it took place right at the end of the ballot so I thought it was teasing that one of those three series was getting a new fighter).

      Mario Kart, I have no idea how that would work, but does anyone even play MK8 anymore?

      1. Oh yeah … I haven’t seen or noticed the conquests since Smash 4 first introduced them. I didn’t know that was even still a thing. Yeah … those were really unnoticable, and not at all Events the way Splatfests are.

        I think it would be awesome if the Splatfest Model were applied, or better yet, EXTENDED to Smash and Kart as well. Your question of “Does anyone still play Kart?” is exactly the point. I think I would have burned out on Splatoon a while ago if Splatfests did not keep bringing me back and reminding me how Fun it is again.

        Imagine if, on NX, Splatfests became Nintendofests, and Each Event rotated between all of Nintendos competitive Multiplayer Games. Mario vs Luigi Splatfest One Week. Two Weeks Later, SciFi vs Fantasy in Smashfest. Two Weeks after that, Kartfest with Team Formula Racing vs Team Rally Car.

        Splatfest-like enhancements could be added to both games, with unique Music playing only during “fests”, Game Appropriate announcers cheering for the teams in all games, and Miiverse Posts platered all over the specially neon lit stages and Lobbies all day, just like during Splatfests. And, with the Festival Events rotating between all the games, it could keep all of the communities alive and active with both casual and hardcore players alike.

        I think that would be FANTASTIC!

    1. It was and it wasn’t. They all went on at the same time, but each player pool was dictated by region; on top of that, Japan was Red VS Green while everywhere else was Red VS Blue, further separating them.

      This one, the theme is 100% consistent with each region, so the player pool will be inclusive to all of them.

  2. “first one to be global,” and it is about a game I am UNABLE to download on my mobile device (Windows Phone) =\ I will be partaking and just treating this as non-Miitomo related Splatfest, since I have like NO information on what Miitomo is besides some of the similarities it has with Tomodatchi Life for the 3DS.

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