Zelda Wii U Is Titled Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

The Legend of Zelda title which is coming to both the Nintendo NX and the Wii U is titled The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Judging from the trailer that was introduced the game is set in a vast world that breaks boundaries on previous Zelda games. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is coming next year for NX and Wii U.



        1. Could be… or Ganon uses nature in some way, perhaps… Of course, in Wind Waker it related to how Link interacts with the environment and his abilities, so it might be more about Link.

  1. Not entirely sold yet. It’s lacking that Zelda vibe, it almost feels like Shadow of the Colossus

    That said the world is gorgeous, the gameplay options look amazing and it looks like there is mad potential here. I’ll hold my thoughts until I get the game, but this is showing a lot of promise

    1. I hope it doesn’t become too Skyrim-like and still feels like a Zelda game to the core. Slightly concerned about the lack of dungeons, towns or anything except wild landscapes

        1. Not sure about towns. Breath of the Wild seems to suggest that the entirety of the game will take places in the wilderness. Forests, Deserts, Tundra, Swamps, Volcano, etc.

          But there’s no way we can tell how many dungeons there are.

          1. Bill/Aonuma said themselves that there will be towns. It’s just that they cut them out of the demo in order to not spoil the story. It’s just a demo.

      1. It would be odd if there wasn’t a few towns and at least the main city Hyrule. Nintendo knows it has to be massive and still retain that Zelda flow and feel. With how long this game’s been being polished, it should be flawless.

      2. They did sat they were going to redefine Zelda like OoT did. That means the core Zelda feel will probably change, too

            1. But I don’t feel like a franchise like Zelda really needs it. I mean, we’ve only had 5 real 3D games so far and each of them is so different from the other. I think there are other farnchises which are in much of a need for a change, but Zelda is one that is so creative that I don’t feel like it should try reimagining itself. I feel like this is a game that should have been made some years in the future, inbetween we should have gotten more traditional Zelda games. But hey that’s just me, I imagine Aonuma and the team really thought this through

              1. I could see from the trailer that it had the Zelda feel, while Link was concocting things and just in the manner of what he was doing and accomplishing. I think you’ll be pleased and it won’t stray far from that mold, but “redefining” might mean something else

                1. After watching the live gameplay I’m much more sold on this. It doesn’t give me a 3D Zelda vibe, but it certainly gives me a 2D Zelda vibe, which I can dig

              2. Well, imo, I think that Nintendo was right to give us an open world, and there was no better choice than with Zelda. These are 5 3D Zelda games in the span of 18 years. I don’t know how much longer we had to wait.

          1. Well, it did definitely need this push into the new gen of gaming, Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess were both kind of holding back/falling behind.

            So far, it looks like they’ve only included good things from today’s gaming standards. There’s a lot of modern standards I dislike, like being too cinematic (and most big modern game have this “fee” I dislike about them, but I can’t identify it)

            1. Even though I loved Skyward Sword, I agree that it wasn’t as good as it should have been. Maybe Breath of the Wild will give us the best of both Twilight Princess & Skyward Sword while also adding the new stuff this game has like jumping when we want instead of an automatic thing, rock climbing, etc.

              1. I really think SS was a solid game. The game play was entertaining, and I loved the story. Zelda even made me cry (“I-… I used you…”)!

                Two things ruined the game for me, and both were pretty small problems by themselves, but they were really apparent in the game:
                – I’ll open with what really ruined the game for me, and please don’t laugh: The flow of the game. The thing where the game went into your pocket every time you caught a new bug or collectible after turning on the game. It might sound like a small problem, but this 5-10 second cinematic really ruined the flow of the game, and pushed me stop collecting items.

                Fi managed to be even worse, popping up at any time, telling to, with unskippable text, things you most of the time knew, or wanted to find out yourself. There were lots of other similar problems I’m not going to dig into.

                – The second reason isn’t as bad, but makes the game feel cheaper. It’s the first Zelda time where I have really felt that my quests are pure filler for the sake of the game’s length. The robot-through-Eldin-Volcano-with-some-water, and especially Water Dragon’s swimming thing, and much, much more.

                While I did not mind the motion controls, they were very overused. No need to use them to control each and every thing in the game.

    2. I got a bit of a Zelda vibe from it, honestly. I do share your fear about the Skyrim part, though.

  2. Looks great, but this is not an “honest trailer”, let’s put in this way. I still need to watch the gameplay, though.

      1. I have that impression — that those were cut scenes, or even “cinematic in-game footage”, not real gameplay. I can be wrong, though, as I usually am. Hopefully we can see someone playing the actual game soon, like hitting and missing, fighting, dying and whatever. Also, I was wondering if that trailer was for the Wii U or for the NX.

        Let’s see what Nintendo has for the next months…

        1. I assume Wii U and saw the gameplay so it looks much like the trailer which is Nintendo’s m.o. as of late… the cut scenes and trailers mimic the gameplay graphics almost seamlessly

  3. My only complaint is that this game is coming out next year. It looks so amazing!

    1. You mean like in Witcher 3, Assassin’s Creed, & Xenoblade where we have to sit through a boring ass loading screen when we teleport to another location?

    2. If you mean that, then yes. No lame teleportation crap. Unless I can use teleportation for battle, I’m not really interested in using it.

  4. This game… Oh man, this is taking place in post-Wind Waker underwater Hyrule isn’t it? So many things remind me of Wind Waker’s underwater Hyrule here (not to mention, Link has a very similar designed cloak to that of Wind Waker Link’s pajamas, the Koroks are there, and the art style is quite similar).

    1. All good points, but I’m glad that even though this has somewhat of a Wind Waker feel and similar art style, it doesn’t look like a kiddy cartoon (maybe not the proper words to use, but can’t think of how to say what I want). Link (and the environment), while cartoon animation, looks like a more serious character, not a Looney Toons kind of character like Wind Waker was. It’s a good balance. While I personally would like a realistic (and no, that doesn’t mean sex and God of War style goriness) Zelda in the future, this is a good style as well. Graphically, it looks outstanding.

  5. Well seems like the Zelda title has been revealed it’s too bad the game is being moved to the NX next year because Nintendo is gonna revealed there new NX console next month.

  6. There is voice acting for the main guide of this game, but not for the other NPCs.

    So there’s not too much to complain about.

  7. Not bad for the title of a Zelda game but it will take some getting use to……well…at least for me but as for the game it’s self, WOW it looks amazing and intriguing. I can’t wait to see some live action gameplay and I’m glad it’s everything it said would be from the looks of the trailer and not some smoke and mirrors strategy like some other gaming companies like to use. So far so good and I can’t help but to anticipate how the NX version will look

    1. I think the name is great compared to what we could have gotten. And like any Zelda subtitle, Breath of the Wild will probably have something to do with the game’s story or gameplay. Considering we can climb steep cliffs & shit, I’d say Breath of the Wild was a perfect name to use.

  8. looking at the environment I would not be surprise Monolithsoft Inc helped cause I can see some similarity with Xenoblade Chronicle X.

    I have to say that I am not a fan of the artwork, but I can deal with it. I just hope the game will not be a short story and lot of meaningless side quests.

  9. I was thinking Nintendo’s E3 was going to be bare bones since they had so little to show, but that trailer alone was breathtaking. I need this game and the NX ASAP!

  10. It looks a little washed out. I wish it was just a tad more vibrant.
    The character models don’t move all that fluid and realistic. Link still has choppy N64 movement but that’s sorta become Nintendo’s style in a sense.
    Still very very excited and impressed and can’t wait to play it. Love the official title.
    Can’t wait!

  11. Finally can call it by it’s subtitle instead of calling it Zelda U or Zelda U/NX! The other stuff was cool, too. *saves my thoughts for the other stuff in the other Breath of the Wild articles*

      1. I would have liked the name… if they used an actual 4, instead of the word for, to be at least a little creative with the name. Since they didn’t, I hated the names. Might as well have just went with Super Smash Bros U & Super Smash Bros 3D.

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