E3: Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past Details

Dragon Quest VII gameplay was showcased on the Nintendo Treehouse live stream today and details about the game and it’s story-line have been revealed.

The developers tried to build the game so that people from any age group can play the title, and can enjoy it without having previously played other games in the series. The story-line starts the player on an isolated island, with the belief that this island is the only place that exists. As you progress through the game you get to discover new islands and go back in time to piece together the history of the land.

The developers realised that the game is good to pick up and play, and feel it is a good match for the Nintendo 3DS. The game features a system that allows you to go back and check what you were previously doing in the game if you forget where you are up to, in the instance of not playing it for a while.

Another key feature included in the Dragon Quest titles is the vocations, the vocations start off with a handful of basic ones and you can unlock new ones along the way to learn new abilities. You can mix and match the abilities from different vocations also, so that it’s not limited to just the one. When changing vocations, there are various different outfits to match.

It was also highlighted that the Dragon Quest series is celebrating its 30th Anniversary in Japan, and it was noted that the core members of the team have not changed in the past 30 years.



  1. Where the hell is Dragon Quest VIII? I want to know about that! They better not be holding it back cuz NoA wants them to change Jessica Albert’s breast size or some other censor happy bullshit. *eye twitch*

    1. Dragon Quest is like Final Fantasy in that most games tend to be standalone stories. So you should be able to play it without being confused.

    1. Agreed, I am so tired of not having old-school turn based RPG’s on consoles, only damn handhelds… The last decent turn based RPG on a console was probably Lost Odyssey..

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