SEGA Europe Has Confirmed A “Big Sonic Announcement” Is Coming From The July 22nd Anniversary Party

While Nintendo was doing their Treehouse stream, SEGA Europe had a brief E3 stream of their own. At one point in the stream, the company confirmed that a “big Sonic announcement” is coming from the July 22nd Sonic 25th anniversary party in San Diego. It was not stated what it will be, so it’s nothing more than an announcement of an announcement. If you want to see a replay of the stream, feel free to watch the video down below.



  1. They been announcing that they were gonna announce a new game for months now. And when the date rolls by, they don’t announce shit.

    1. At this point, Sega feels like when a kid that broke something while their parents where gone that’s now stalling said parents so they don’t go in the house to find out what they did XD

    2. THANK YOU!!!
      I thought I was the only one who thought Sega was jerking us around!
      People called me crazy when I called bullshit on these announcements by saying “They never said they would announce a new Sonic game”.

      Well I say “JOKE’S ON THEM!!! THEY’RE crazy!!!”

  2. Sega’s dead… Just don’t take Sonic down with you like Konami did with Snake, Bomberman and other famous titles!

  3. A Mario/Sonic crossover platformer built from the ground up for the NX developed by Nintendo EAD? If this is indeed the case I’m sold

  4. Let’s get hyped & excited for the next announcement of an announcement which leads to another announcement of an announcement & so on! Sega just took the Award for Most Terrible E3 Presence! -.- Sell your IPs, and Atlus so they don’t get dragged down with you, to people that can make them work & just go die in a corner already while rolled up into a ball of shame. Konami, same thing! Sell your IPs, give Silent Hill & Metal Gear to Hideo Kojima, and go die in the corner WITH Sega!

  5. we know its gonna be the 25th anniversary announcement so we rather have to find out if theres gonna be a biggest announcement ever from SEGA. im sure the sonic fans will be pleased to see a new roots of the sonic franchise.

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