E3 2016: Rhythm Heaven Megamix Has Now Released In North America, Plus A New Trailer

Nintendo has stealthily released Rhythm Heaven Megamix in the North American Nintendo 3DS eShop for $29.99. A free demo is also available, along with two new 3DS Rhythm Heaven themes. The company has also released a new trailer for the game. If you want to watch the trailer, feel free to check it out below.



  1. Anyone know when it comes out in Europe?
    I was so exited for a moment, ran and grabbed my N3DS and went to the e-Shop just to not being able to find it, later realizing “Nope, not for me…” :(

    1. Yes. It’s even better than WarioWare in my opinion, but I’m a bit biased toward rhythm games. I haven’t picked up Megamix yet, but other than this game, I seem to remember Rhythm Heaven Fever for the Wii being the best.

      1. Nice, I’ll probably get this. I love the wario ware games. I was never really the biggest fan of rhythm games until I played the final fantasy rhythm game, that game was so fun! I wish they’d release the Dragon Quest rhythm game in the US already!

  2. If this is how they end their E3, this isn’t much better than ending their digital event last year with Mario Tennis Ultra Trash. I don’t get the appeal of Rhythm Heaven.

  3. Love me some rhythm games. Probably won’t get this for a while though since my backlog is enormous.

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