E3 2017 Has Already Been Given A Date

E3 2016 is drawing to a close and what an E3 it has been. We’ve seen some fantastic games and the Nintendo Treehouse presentations have been great showcasing a number of upcoming titles for both the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Interestingly the organisers have already revealed the date for E3 2017 which will be held June 13-15, 2017, at the Los Angeles Convention Centre.



  1. The real question isn’t when E3 2017 will be but if E3 2016 has changed people’s minds about whether the event is still relevant or not!

    1. Agreed. Microsoft mainly talked about crossplay and Nintendo only talked about Zelda. At least Sony announced new things, but the main thing people seem to be excited about are those Crash Bandicoot remasters. As far as newly announced games I’d say this is probably one of the worst E3’s and Idk if I’ll be excited about next year’s.

  2. E3 I just want y’all to make alot of mario,sonic, and pokemon games for 2017 please make it happen, like super mario sunshine 2, super mario galaxy 3, mario kart 9 on Nintendo Switch, and any legend of zelda, or pokemon or more mario between these 3

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