Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Tops Nintendo’s YouTube Channel

One game that drew a lot of attention this E3 was the next entry into The Legend of Zelda franchise, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Not only did it win Game of the Show by IGN but it is also the most watched video on the official Nintendo YouTube channel, ever. Yes, it beat the likes of the Splatoon Direct and the introduction video to the Nintendo 2DS. I’m sure you have already seen it, but if you haven’t watch it here!



    1. You know who started the rumour? DUMBASS fanboys ( not feminists ) who for some reason thought Link looked extra girly. Maybe it was the ponytail. Tho he have always looked ‘bishonen’ ever since the N64 game. That’s the point. Japan likes pretty men. Then some dingus thought the shading on his shirt, from the 2014 trailer looked like a “boob” even tho there was clearly no boob there at all. And as soon as SJW and feminazis found out they expected it to be true. Nintendo dug the grave even deeper when they joked and said “maybe it’s not Link” IT WAS A JOKE! What they have said is that they have him even less masculine features this time but Link is still a man. And he should be a man. Being a man is OK. I’m pretty sure every Zelda fan doesn’t really mind. Being a girly looking man is also OK.

      1. Even in the first trailers shown I thought Link looked the same as he always did, but to be honest I wasn’t paying any attention to that nonsense because I was just happy to see a new Zelda game.

    1. Both being at the top for completely different reasons, too. One is being widely loved on & the other is being widely hated on. Faith in humanity is restored… for now. xD

  1. “it beat the likes of the Splatoon Direct and the introduction video to the Nintendo 2DS”

    Odd that out of all the other videos, these two are the ones chosen for the article.

    Or are they actually the 2nd and 3rd most watched?

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