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New Pokemon Sun & Moon Information Coming July 1st

The Japanese branch of the Pokemon Company has tweeted that we should expect some more information about the upcoming Pokemon Sun & Moon on Friday, July 1st. We are not quite sure what to expect, but it will be nice to learn some new details about the big holiday title for the Nintendo 3DS this Christmas.



    1. I haven’t played one of these in over 12 years. I would hope that it is mostly the same game I played since then with a few new functions.

        1. There was no Pokémon game last year. Besides, CoD releases a mainline entry once a year while Pokémon releases a mainline entry every 3-4 years. If you’re counting the remakes, you might as well count Modern Warfare Remastered.

          1. True, but lets also not ignore that every cod games takes about 3 years to make, with 3 different developers (infinity, trayarch, and sledge.) Just because they come out every year, doesnt mean theyre rushed made in a single year. (And before sledgehammer became one of the main developers, others helped out, like Neversoft, Beenox, and Raven to name a few.)

            1. ||Except they planned to get them out every year, in the end, the result is the same…||

  1. Well it’s July 1st so I can’t wait to see what they show. I hope it’s good, whatever it is.

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