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Nintendo’s Stocks Have Dropped 8% Following The UK’s Brexit Vote

The UK has voted in a referendum to leave the European Union, and the results have caused a lot of markets to fall. Nintendo is no outsider to world events, and the company’s stocks are impacted by world events significant. In this case, Nintendo has seen its stocks gradually fall. As of this article’s writing, the company’s stocks have fallen 8% in the last few hours. There are still a few hours left before the stocks close in Japan for the day, so this number will no doubt change as time passes.


36 thoughts on “Nintendo’s Stocks Have Dropped 8% Following The UK’s Brexit Vote”

  1. I’m sure a lot of stocks are going to look weird right now. But good for them for leaving, good direction to leave the world 🗺 bank 🏦 too.
    This well bound to piss of Obama (controll freak)

          1. Really I don’t understand much about politics. Wow you make me laugh, I guess you are one of those who believe that the EU dictated 60% of the British law/regulations /directives when in fact it’s 7%. Also facts is that uneducated people vote to leave. You won today but when people going to lose their job,when mortgage interest will go up and food will go up then we will see whose going to laugh. UK as you know it is dead. Can’t wait for Scotland and northern Ireland to get out of this divided Kingdom.

    1. You do realize the banks aren’t owned by the president of the US, and are owned by others who manipulate the world’s economy for self interest in order stay in their position of power right? Yes, Bush, Obama, Hillary, and every other politician in power could refuse to take those bribes, and you know what would happen if they did so, the same thing that’s happening to Bernie in the election right now! The banks, and other wealthy individuals, would use their resources to make sure individuals who aren’t willing to do the bidding for corporate interest, while screwing over the lower class, never get into a position of power where they can make change! You should start looking at the heads of these banks, Military–industrial complex, oil industries, and corporations to place blame where it should placed, and not just the puppets who accept bribes from them.

  2. I wasn’t expecting this. I’ll be interested to see how the uk is effected by this in 10 years time. Also will be be paying more for our daily goods? only time will tell :)

  3. The pound fell by 8% against the dollar as well. The yen increased by about 5% as Japan is seen as a safe place in relation to currency trading.

  4. This is the most interesting news the world has had in a while. From what I understand though, there’s been a desire in the UK to leave the union ever since they joined it. So I suppose it was inevitable. I also heard that Northern Ireland voted to stay in the EU and there’s talk of Scotland seeking independence. I would love to see Scotland become an independent nation again. I’ll be following these events very closely.

        1. I can’t register what that is supposed to sound like in my head haha. I’m guessing it’s another Braveheart quote, but those accents are hard when reading them instead of listening to them.

          1. Lol no. It’s a Scots Gaelic phrase roughly meaning “I have a wish.” (assuming I spelled it right that is). I’m not exactly an expert on the language. But it’s from “Sound the Pibroch”, a song about the Jacobite Rising of 1745. It’s a pretty good song. I suggest listening to the version by Liam Clancy and Tommy Makem if you get the chance.

  5. Man even here I hv brexit idiot… Well now let’s focus on Scotland independence before reuniting Ireland and let British… English and Welsh idiots beg for mercy from the EU when a game will cost £60 instead of £30 and they will be in chaos around 2020.

    1. You do know that “Reuniting Ireland” has already been shot down by the UK government, plus, you do know Northern Ireland is mostly Unionist.
      Also, you actually want to stay part of the EU? You do know they would force the euro upon us by getting rid of the pound sterling, this would also mean that Germany can dictate to you what you can and can’t do. I find it ironic that you want independence yet you’re actually wanting Germany and their EU to dictate what you do.

      That’s really pathetic to be honest.

  6. Dumb of them to leave. Because for the people the EU really has it’s benefits. But I don’t really think the way they’re doing it right now is really the correct way… Feels like it’ll be starting to fall apart from now on. Especially when it turns out that it’s been beneficial for them to get out…

  7. Yeah I am well aware of the situation in northern Ireland and the reunion was until today a sensitive issue between those two but when you look at how northern Ireland vote believe me they will give to fingers to England. Everybody though UK won’t leave the EU but look what happened. And here we go the EU and German dictatorship do me a favour and stop reading the sun. I think you start being interested in politics as from February 2016 and believe the lies of the leave campaign which lie on the £365M we give in the EU. The turks entering soon in the EU. Guys like you are complete idiot.

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    1. Well for one thing I am a part of this world, so what happens in it effects me; and these affairs happen to be very interesting. So yeah, I’m going to discuss them.

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