SEGA Confirms Next Main Sonic Game Is Due (To Start?) 2017

We all know there’s a big new Sonic title coming, but details and information regarding when we can expect it have been scarce. However we found out during the Sonic 25th Joypolis Party that the new Sonic Project “will start” in 2017. One would assume that they mean that this is when it’s going to be released, which would time in well with the Nintendo NX which is due to launch next March.

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    1. Development time doesn’t always match up with anniversaries I assume. I guess that’s why we’re only getting Metroid Prime Federation Force for the Metroid 30th anniversary…

        1. True, although, Retro has been busy lately, and I’m guessing that they’re working on some new 3D Metroid game at the moment, but I could be wrong.

          In that case, Nintendo should possibly do like what they did with F-Zero GX (which was outsourced to SEGA and then published by Nintendo) and maybe get other trustworthy developers to make games under Nintendo’s smaller IP’s so that those series don’t die.

  1. ||Signal me once you gather enough intelligence to create Golden Axe 4 in 2.5D…||

      1. ||If they want to restore his reputation, put him on stasis for years until you come up with an creative idea…||

        1. I loved ’em in the day. But…. not sure they hold up. I’d be open to trying a new one, but only if they utterly NAILED each style of game play, because it would essentially be developing 3 or 6 games at once. Which means I’d want ’em to spend a few years on it. What I’d prefer is for them to take all those energies into making Sonic gameplay PERFECT. Perhaps design levels like in Sonic 3 & Knuckles or the Sonic Advance titles where different character can traverse the levels in different ways. But really, I just want a Sonic that shines.

    1. Hopefully it fixes the many problems present in SA 1&2. I’d be hyped as hell for a SA3. But despite my nostalgia for those games, they’ve aged horribly. Especially SA2. Doing a Sonic Adventure game right, especially by today’s standards, would be a mighty task. Especially considering how long fans have been asking for it; expectations would be very, very high. Whatever Sonic’s next game is, I hope it’s good.

      1. Haha! Yes! My favorite was this light green shiny one that had this one little rhino like horn. I miss that shit so much… Enough to bust out my old memory cards and see if they still work!!!!

  2. well i figure this anniversary is gonna skip now sonic boom fire and ice is the only game of the year how disappointed oh well. maybe a new sonic project will be on the PS4 XB1 and NX possibility. theres some hope for the NX might have third party if nintendo allows it.

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