Takashi Iizuka Confirmed That Only Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice And Mario & Sonic Rio Are Coming In 2016 & More Details

We have an update to share with you in regards to last night’s Sonic 25th celebrations in Tokyo Joypolis, thanks to solid translations of remarks made by Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka arriving. Firstly is an update on the “new main game” announcement, which had suffered from mistranslations in the hours following the announcement. The exact wording was that a “new Sonic project” would be for 2017, which Iizuka referred to as “the next Sonic”. There doesn’t seem to be any mention of the project starting then, but more of them “gearing up” to talk about it. At one point, the teaser image didn’t come up immediately. The slight technical trouble caused Iizuka to remark“It should appear on screen now… It’s not there”. We also learned that we will find out what the project is at the July 22nd Sonic 25th party in San Diego. There was a confirmation that the party will be live streamed.

There was also the news that Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, along with Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, will be the only Sonic-related titles releasing this year.



  1. If it’s not coming out this year, hopefully that means two things:

    1. They’re making sure this one is getting the testing and development it needs, and

    2. They’ve got something big for it, perhaps a long-awaited return of lost characters (Mighty the Armadillo, Fang the Sniper, or Bark the Polar Bear, anyone?).

    Here’s hoping Sonic isn’t the only playable character either- I’m hoping to utilize Knuckles’s digging and gliding, Silver’s telekinesis, Blaze’s pyrokinesis, and Tails’s flying again.

  2. Sonic 2017 better be for the NX, or Wii U, which ever comes first. Sony and Microsoft will probably get theirs, but Nintendo better not get left out.

    That’s all I have to say.

  3. This better be good Sega. I’m just glad you are actually taking the time to develop this new anniversary project instead of rushing it like a certain atrocity. It could wind up being something so much better than even the last excellent Sonic game (Generations).

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