Shigeru Miyamoto And Bill Trinen Name The Most Underrated Wii U Games

US gaming publication Game Informer has the chance to catch up with Shigeru Miyamoto and Bill Trinen at last month’s E3 event in Los Angeles. One thing that the site quizzed the Nintendo employees about was what they feel are the most underrated Wii U titles. Mr Miyamoto selected Star Fox Zero as his game while Mr Trinen chose Pikmin 3.

“I think personally Star Fox is a really fun game if you sit down a play it. I think, for example, an elementary school kid who plays it without any preconceived notions, I think it would be really fun for them. I think it’s also really, really fun for siblings to play it together.”

Senior product marketing manager of Nintendo of America Bill Trinen also jumped into the conversation to add his two cents. “Personally, I think Pikmin 3 is the most amazing game on Wii U. It’s probably one of my favorite games in the last six or seven years. I think that hardly anyone realizes that the multiplayer bingo battle mode was literally the best new multiplayer mode that has been created since Smash Bros. It is so much fun.”

In response to this Miyamoto added, “Pikmin is the kind of game that you have to play maybe three times to get the full effect, but you know, people don’t have a lot of time, so they just clear the stage and just move on. Games are becoming more of a consumable product, and it’s getting harder and harder for people to let a game to sink in and enjoy leisurely.”



  1. That last comment is very very true!
    Ocarina of Time, for example, doesn’t feel like a masterpiece if you rush through it!

  2. Really Miyamoto? Is there someone out there who makes sure word of the game sucking because of the terrible controls never reaches your ears?

    And of course Pikmin 3 has to be played three times because it’s so damn short! It only took me 10 hours to 100% my first playthrough.

    This is almost Sakurai levels of narcissism/bias.

    1. Nobody is as narcissistic as sakurai, miyamoto is humble and he acknowledges failures and even the people who works with him, sakurai barely acknowledges both.

        1. Maybe i am wrong but i heard during the e3 stream that the one producing color splash is Tanabe.

          1. Tanabe? Ew! The same fucktard producing Federation shitForce!? No wonder Color Splash is a horrible Paper Mario game! Oh god! He produced Sticker Star, too! Yuck. This guy has got to go along with Reggie & the other idiots at NoA and whatever idiots are at NoJ, too.

      1. 20 years and he finally said Zelda 2 was a bad game. Still thinks skyward sword is the best Zelda. Still thinks we want paper Mario with out RPG elements. He’s delusional. What’s that thing people get during all age? dementia? I think he has it because he loves to forget sells when the games he green lights fails to please and attract anyone.

        1. Yes, few years ago he acknowledged the failure of Wii music (a bad game IMO), also he acknowledged the failure they had with the Wii u and guess what? Iwata (RIP) was responsible of star fox, remember that HE commissioned miyamoto to create games that could show the potential of the gamepad, miyamoto developed three games: star fox zero, guard and project robot, if you don’t believe me then you should search the interviews from e3 2014, if miyamoto is guilty of something in this case would be of honoring the late iwata.
          (I am not disrespecting iwata)
          Oh, also miyamoto said that he is stepping away from big project and focusing on smaller ones in order to let the younger staff to take more responsibilities in order to prepare the company for the day that everybody wants: his retirement (Google the article when there was a rumor about his departure)

          1. No, I don’t doubt your logic, friend. Iwata is part of this casual bullshit too. He started it and he’s reason why Star Fox sucks too.

            And Miyamoto did step away from games, but he’s the one who people go to and ask if they can do this or if he can green light that. He doesn’t do it unless it’s his idea that he thinks would work. Star fox was all his idea. He’s been planning fox since Wii and didn’t wanna do it but Wii u was him and iwata. Look now that turned out

        2. “What’s that thing people get during all age?”

          “during all age”

          “all age”

          Um what

          1. He most likely meant “old age,” not “all age.” He’s probably using a smartphone and we all know how useful the auto-correct is on those.

    2. Terrible controls ? More like “I suck at theses controls so I just hate them”. The controls are totally fine if you take the time in the training mode first. Thats what I did and I mastered the controls in about an hour. When you master the controls the game is really enjoyable to play.

      1. ||Indeed, same thing was said about Kid Icarus Uprising…||

        1. Kid Icarus has super simple controls, it really doesn’t make any sense complainning about the controls of a game played with only one button, the analog and the touchscreen. In fact, I consider these the ultimate control scheme for a shooting game, it’s incredibly precise and agile!
          Star Fox’s controls are also far from terrible, but I missed some respect for the players’ options, having a more traditional control scheme wouldn’t be a bad thing, specially because using motion controls in such a fast paced game like Star Fox can be frustrating sometimes.

          1. Except with Kid Icarus, unless you set the 3ds down on a specifcally designed stand, at a table or desk, you had to hold the 3ds with one hand. That means you could barely play the game if you were on a bus, in a car, lying down in bed, or waiting in line. You could only play the game properly sitting at a desk. And even then there was a steep learning curve. Now I will admit, the controls do grow on you eventually, and the game was quite fun, so it made it worthwhile learning them. But the controls were hardly “good”, simply because of everything I mentioned above.

            Star Fox controls are bad. God awful even. Good controls are controls that you pick up and have an instant feel for. No learning curve, precise, and easy to use. That is what good control is. If you bought a new car and eveytime you turned the wheel left the car went right, and eveytime you turned the wheel right it went left. Now you could learn how to drive properly in the car, and im sure it would eventually become second nature. But that does not mean the car has good control…

            Im sure not only Miyamoto learned from his failure of Star Fox, but Nintendo as a unit learned from it. People do not want cumbersome and gimmicky controls. Period.

            1. I barely used that stand that come in the box, and playing over a table or even over my leg when I’m sit down was never an issue. I believe that people were used to shooting games with jump commands and aim control through a second analog stick, people wanted to play this game by pressing all the buttons in the console.

          2. ||So called “gamers” of today should adapt themselves to frustration, otherwise gaming will become easier and easier on every area…||

      2. To be fair, it shouldn’t take anywhere near an hour to master controls for a game in which the main campaign is only about 6 hours long. The controls were just unnecessarily jarring. You can spend the time to master the tankish controls of the original Resident Evil too, but it won’t make them good controls by any standards. SFZ was still a good game; beautifully rendered, interesting, packed in with a fun little extra game (Guard), but the general gaming world is never going to give it a pass for its controls, especially when Star Fox 64’s other flood of re-masters and re-releases are so easy to just pick up and play.

    3. People defending Miyamoto and bashing Sakurai, where’s the news?

      The funniest thing, people bashes Sakurai just because he didn’t put their favorite character in Smash, as long as people developed the habit of misunderstanding every single thing he speaks, even when is a thing that has nothing to do with Smash.

      On the other hand, Miyamoto doesn’t know the time to stop. I’m not here to bash Star Fox or Miyamoto, I’m here to tell this guy to retire as soon as possible! He is an insecure guy, looks like he wants to make sure the newcoming developers at NCL will make games according to his standards, and we perfectly know that many times his standards are not the best thing. Pikmin is boring, and Star Fox’s flaws are not only the controls but the story, Miyamoto doesn’t look worried in develop the Star Fox universe properly, he ignored all the post-N64 goodness in order to repeat the same story for the third time.

      And people calling Miyamoto humble??? Give me a break!

      1. Miyamoto has such a devoted fanbase which never acknowledges he’s the kind of boss nobody wants around. Newcomers are afraid of him and he is said that he always dismiss any ideas that doesn’t come from people near him.

        The industry owes Miyamoto a big trophy for his services. However, time has come, and he should have retired a couple of years ago.

      2. To be honest, they both need to either change how they do & say things or get the hell away from Nintendo games. They are both egotistical to a degree. Sakurai because he apparently thinks he can do a better job than the rest of his team since he hogs up most of, if not all of, the balancing work. Miyamoto because… Well because he’s Miyamoto. Sakurai could learn a thing or two from Miyamoto, though. Like delegating the work, for instance, and train the team he is working with so, if something ever befalls him or he retires, someone can easily take his place.

        1. Sakurai is just jealous with Smash, he’s the creator of the game, so I can’t see this necessarily as a problem (Smash games has always been good, people love them and sells a crapload), but he knows he’s ready to see Smash by another person/company, since he is not a Nintendo employee (specially now with his best friend Iwata gone).

          However, the major difference between Sakurai and Miyamoto is that Sakurai is pratically only knew because of Smash Bros.! Even when he comes up with a new game from the scratch such as Meteos or Kid Icarus Uprising, his name will be always associated with Smash, so, in a certain way fans would be skeptical with a Smash Bros. not made by Sakurai (I would, I’m a big fan of him, have all of his games). Miyamoto on the other hand is knew for the entirety of Nintendo Company Ltd. as a whole, after all, being the creator of the games that moved the gaming industry forward makes this acknowledge deserved, but even with such accolades, he was never superior to Yamauchi or Iwata, but everyone makes him the face of Nintendo and here is the beginning of the problems.

  3. ||Keep in mind that this is his Lord’s personal opinion, otherwise I agree with everything except the Starfox part…||

    1. Star fox was pretty enjoyabe, people bash games with motion controls because they assume that those games are aimed at a casual audience, in the case of star fox they found a challenging game that uses that control scheme and because it wasn’t easy they started to bash it, the controls aren’t as clunky as haters say.
      Star fox is a good game (not perfect) it doesn’t deserve the hate that it gets.
      Pikmin 3 is amazing, short but amazing.

      1. ||I hear “warriors” say that the motion controls makes it hard for them, aren’t they the civilians too by definition then?…||

        ||I enjoy Starfox whatever the controls may be, I only disagreed in terms of the resource benefits we could have received…||

        1. Then they are not warriors, they are “rage quitters”. Would be cool seeing them playing a difficult and frustrating game with simpler controls only to see their reaction…yeah, they should play smb: the lost levels

          1. Just because a warrior gives up on learning how to effectively use a sword & shield and just uses a sword doesn’t make them any less a warrior. Star Fox Zero’s controls were forced & gimmicky and hopefully Zero not selling millions will make Miyamoto realize how much of a fool he’s becoming.

            1. He really has become delusional. He claims in his interview that “Star Fox is perfect for the elementary kid with no preconcieved notions”…. Let that sink in for a bit. Thats right, Miyamoto did not develop the new Star Fox game for the millions of already established Star Fox fans. The very fans that made Star Fox popular in the fist place, and have been asking for a new Star Fox game for nearly ten years. He made the game for elementary kids who have never played a Star Fox game with no preconcieved notions… And thats why the game bombed. Because Miyamoto is on cloud nine. I mean What The Fuck… Im calling for his retirement. That comment of his about the elementary kids really pissed me off.

              Imagine for a second if From Software decided to make Dark Souls 4. But instead of catering to the already established Dark Souls fanbase, they decided to ignore that fanbase and try to please another group that has never played a Dark Souls game…. From Software would be exiled from the gaming universe if they did that… They would be torn apart by their fanbase… But Miyamoto gets a pass? Miyamoto should not get a pass.

              1. ||Do not worrry, Splatoon and Zelda have proven to be successful with little to no involvement from his lordship and High Command will realise that Lord Miyamoto does not have to oversee everything anymore…||

                ||Do not forget that an entire elite group of young fresh scientists have been created by him and are going to take over completely once he retires and lead us into a new dark age…||

                1. Yes, Nintendo will be just fine. I believe a lot of the younger developers took away all the good from Miyamoto, but left the bad. The younger ones at the company have a better grasp on what today’s gamers want, and more importantly, what they don’t want. Miyamoto does not share that quality anymore unfortunately.

                  1. True. The ones that developed Splatoon use to be under his tutelage if I remember correctly. And we all know how Miyamoto feels about online multiplayer.

              2. I didn’t pay much attention to that line but ugh! Yeah. Miyamoto has to go. NOW!!

          2. ||Find someone and make them, an Xbot if you can…||

      2. That’s not the only reason people hate it. It’s a retread of the first game except it has motion controls. People wanted a new Star Fox game but instead we got a generic remake.

      3. Casual audience don’t want motion controls, they want games easy to pick up and play, Super Mario Bros. boomed in the world because of that, same goes for Wii Sports, the kind of game that you only need to press start and play.

        1. That’s where they failed, casuals didn’t want a game as difficult as star fox zero and “hardcore gamers” wanted to mock the game.

  4. I wish I could play more of Pikmin 3’s multiplayer but I don’t know anyone willing to play it with me.

  5. The only underrated Wii U games that come to mind are The Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, and Lego City Undercover. The latter is especially fully of charm and depth for a Lego game, being just as big as your average Grand Theft Auto title.

    I would have mentioned Lost Reavers and Tokyo Mirage Sessions, but those two are nowhere near underrated.

  6. “Star Fox is a really fun game if you sit down a play it. I think, for example, an elementary school kid who plays it without any preconceived notions, I think it would be really fun for them.”

    Miyamoto does have a pathological fixation for kids.


    1. ||Perhaps, it doesn’t change the fact that if a Nintendoling can master a weapon and enjoy it, why can’t you so called “warriors” do the same, but even easier?…||

      1. Never said I couldn’t. But… But my problem is that my threshold is pretty much different from theirs as I’ve been gaming for over 28 years. I want something rewarding, built with intelligence. When it comes to stupid, unorthodox control scheme, I prefer not to waste my time and game somewhere else.

        Also, Nintendo’s obsession of aiming at kids is what annihilated the chances of us getting a true-to-roots Metroid game this generation.

            1. Sakamoto doesn’t try to target kids, so it’s not an excuse. Nintendo as a whole targets kids, but that doesn’t have anything to do with Metroid’s radio silence. If anything, the last game selling badly and being polarizing in general does.

              1. So you’re saying that (i) the art style of Federation Force and (ii) the lack of a true-to-roots Metroid game — known as probably the most “adult” Nintendo franchise — has nothing to do with Nintendo targeting an audience that does not have a Wii U at all.

                I don’t get it.

                1. I’m saying you’re mixing cause and consequence.

                  Cause: the last game in the series (Other M) being heavily polarizing and unprofitable

                  Consequences: (i) No new mature Metroid games and (ii) attempts to broaden the appeal of the franchise to avoid another situation like that.

                  1. So one has a bakery, and the baker does not follow the recipe, making the bread unpalatable.

                    The unpalatable bread does not sell too many units, and the baker blames the bread itself for not selling enough.

                    That’s your logic, Marce.

                    1. That analogy doesn’t apply because, believe it or not, the baker (Sakamoto) in this case has enough influence and is well-respected enough to call the shots about whatever bread he wants to make (Other M), without much inside supervision. When the consumer complains about the product, the bakery sees the bread as the problem and tries to break the mold in order to fix the situation, only to make things worse.

                      All I’m saying is, the root of this problem is Sakamoto’s involvement with the last entry, and that involvement has only created a snowball effect that has culminated with Federation Force. If there was no Other M (and more people had bought Corruption, too), there would be no Federation Force and no hesitation by Nintendo’s part about Metroid as a franchise.

                    2. I don’t see how. I’m not denying that Nintendo is trying to “kidify” the Metroid franchise, I’m denying the reasoning you provide for that.

                      You said we didn’t get a mature Metroid game because Nintendo is obsessed with targetting children. I’m saying we didn’t get a mature Metroid game because people didn’t buy Corruption and Sakamoto screwed up big time. We were not going to get a mature Metroid game aftwr that for a while, Federation Force is just Nintendo’s attempt of broadening the appeal of the franchise before even trying to make another mainline one. It’s not supplanting a mature entry, it’s either Federation Force or nothing at all. Hence why the reasoning “we didn’t get a mature Metroid because Nintendo is obsessed with targeting children” is flawed, because “not getting a mature Metroid game” happens is a scenario established before Federation Force enters the picture, not afterwards.

                    3. Regardless of why, Nintendo’s reasoning is bullshit either way. They are essentially ignoring the fact that THEY are the problem, not us.

                    4. You might want to reword that, Sylux. It’s bordering on something similar to victim blaming. Unless you are saying we should buy the bullshit they released like Star Fox Zero, Chibi Robo: Zip Lash, Federation shitForce, Color Splash, and other games that shit all over either the franchise’s beginnings or force something we don’t want down our throats? Because that will just mean we are telling Nintendo they are right to do what they did with those games because we are going to be idiots that buy it anyway even when we don’t like what they are doing so they’ll continue to do what we don’t want because as far as they will be concerned, we want what they are giving us. But I know you aren’t a fanboy so I don’t want to believe that’s essentially what you are telling us. So please reword your comment because it sounds bad from my point of view.

                    5. The comparison between a consumer overreacting from not getting the product he wants and victim blaming is so overblown and so fallacious that I’m not going to bother with the rest of the post.

                      My argument is: vote with your wallet and don’t assume you’re the majority. That’s all there is to it.

                    6. All you needed to say was the second paragraph. The first one just feels like an insult directed towards me because I called Star Fox Zero out for having a bad gimmick that was forced down our throats or because I insulted Color Splash for not being a true Paper Mario game. *shrug* Whatever. I already wrapped up one argument because someone read too much into some of my words, so I don’t feel like starting up another. I like how RidleySlayer reacts to my comments. He gives me the benefit of a doubt instead of flipping out over my words that were badly worded because I either lacked a better term or I didn’t word it better. Maybe I misinterpreted your first comment because you tend to fuck up & word things wrong, too.

                    7. I’m honestly not trying to start a fight with you because you’re one of the few people I like & can get along with 99% of the time on here, so please don’t flip out or anything. I’m just trying to understand that first paragraph better. I’m a very…. shit! What’s that word!? Uhm. Something similar to curious. Maybe it’s inquisitive?

        1. Please be my friend. You are the smartest fucking alive and must be reading my mind. Your comment is as spot on as any I think I have read on here.

          1. I appreciate your kind words, bigb0ss. I used to be a freaky Nintendo fanboy, but thankfully light has caught me up.

        2. ||That’s the purpose of the gamepad, liking it or not is irrelevant in that regard, a traditional control scheme for such a short game would half the price of it and this not be profitable at all from an imperial stance…||

          ||In the end, the Wii U is irrelevant from an official standpoint, the NX is my only mission now…||

          1. Your computers need a reboot, Quadradus. Never heard about an idiotic control scheme nobody wants increasing the MRSP of any game.

            1. ||You did not understand what I meant, it doesn’t matter now…||

    2. I know right? Forget the 5-10 million already established Star Fox fanbase. Lets make this game for elementary kids that have never played a Star Fox game before… Miyamoto lost so much respect from me…. He has officially turned his back on his older fans. Its time we turn our backs on him..

  7. When I saw the title of this article the first game that popped into my mind was Wonderful 101. That game didn’t get much popularity sadly, but it definitely should have. Fun gameplay, great story, truly epic quick-time events, and the best final boss in a video game ever.

    1. Because Nintendo didn’t market it. And isn’t that the guy who is living Nintendo’s job. Dude probably got fired for marketing horribly. How do you name the 3ds the new 3ds? You didn’t market 101 at all! That game was an easy holiday seller that isn’t even on a top 5. Another smack to face of platinum for supporting Nintendo.

  8. Pikmin 3 guy is spot on. It is so perfectly implemented. The gamepad controls are more useful than in any other Wii U game I’ve played (except Mario Maker), yet they aren’t foisted on the player; you can play the whole game without ever touching the gamepad, or you can use it alongside Wii Remote and nunchuck. The only game that’s as open to player options is Smash Bros. But nobody ever talks about Pikmin. So sad. The only negative thing I have to say about it is that I think the game was short enough that the extra map packs shouldn’t have needed to be DLC, they could have been free. On the other hand, they are so cheap that it’s kind of hard to complain about that.

    As for Star Fox… I dunno, I’ve never played it. Maybe it is better than its reputation, but even if it is, I can’t imagine it’s really among the best games on the console.

    1. SF Zero was a fun game… but it’s getting the rep it has now because it was far from what the fans wanted… Great game with interesting controls that are easy to master, but no one asked for another remake of SF 64

      1. No one asked for that control scheme, either. Yet we got it. I look forward to the day Miyamoto retires. The sooner, the better.

  9. Add Nintendo Land to that list. One of the best games on Wii U, but so underrated. I never hear people talk about that game, yet I had so much fun with it (especially Metroid Blast).

    1. Nintendo Land, I haven’t played that in a while. And Metroid Blast is a fun game (much better than Federation Farce).

      Though it’s true most people talk about Wii Sports much more than Nintendo Land. Just proves how underrated it is.

      1. Wii Sports highlighted the controls so well and you could play all games alone or with people. Nintendo Land isn’t the same fun or showcases the game pad all that well. To be honesly Frank, it’s just boring

        1. I personally find that it DOES showcase the gamepad’s features well, but only in the multiplayer-only games (Ghost Mansion, Sweet Day, Mario Chaser). All of those used the gamepad for asynchronous gameplay, which is a feature that wouldn’t have been possible without it. The single player games don’t showcase the gamepad too much, but those are still fun for other reasons.

  10. Holy fuck, this this fucking dude just compare the likes of Star Fox and enjoyment with the reference of a pre school kid? You idiot, no pre school kid wants that game, your core fans who made Fox into the loving character and playable smash fighter is why you make the game. Clearly this is one of the biggest proving highlights of how Nintendo aims to please people who don’t even play games. Another hit on my faith for Nintendo.

    1. Precisely. They want to cater an audience that does not give a sh*t to Nintendo.

      This is pure monkey business.

  11. Shout out to everyone bashing them on their opinions. And to be honest these opinions have some truth/weight to them. These games aren’t trash shovelware like the crazy generic 3rd party games that came to Wii. These are good games that aren’t system sellers but are exclusive to a system with a small install base, and unfortunately either don’t cater to what core fans from the original games that came out forever ago want and/or are part of a genre that doesn’t have the widest appeal. Doesn’t mean they’re awful but because they disappointed fans of the original they get talked about like they’re the worst games of the last 10 years.

    Though if I may add- everyone bashes them when they don’t use the GamePad and then when he thought this GamePad motion controlled SF idea was clever he made an arcade-y Star Fox game that you could pick up and play and tried to make it quick; so it kinda retold the original story. Then they heard fans saying they wanted more difficulty as the trailers made it look super easy so they made it tougher- which frustrated a lot of fans because he controls are so different for seemingly no reason. The series isn’t a huge seller and the Wii U doesn’t have a big install base so to make this game with a robust new story and traditional controls would’ve been gambling a lot of money and time they didn’t have considering the Wii U needed games bad and he already said it’d be made quick. All those resources would’ve been used to make a game that ultimately wouldn’t sale much either way and would eventually be bashed for wasting the GamePad. I feel that this game is a product of the predicament they’re in because of the Wii U. If the system was better off this could’ve been the Star Fox everyone wanted but at this point in the Wii U’s life it feels like they were gonna lose either way. So now it’d be great if they could just focus on getting this next console right and having plenty of games ready for it (a steady 1st party release schedule with 3rd party support- no long droughts PLEASE!) instead of suddenly being bashed and told to focus on Wii U, the thing that so many people have begged them to get rid of since the PS4 and Xbox One launched…

  12. I think Kirby Rainbow Curse is pretty underrated. Enjoyed that game a ton, I feel like many people didn’t give it a chance.

    In terms of most disappointing, I’d say Wonderful 101. Stealing the artstyle from Viewtiful Joe got me excited, but man… the game has so many glaring issues that keep me from really enjoying it. It had potential.

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions has been disappointing as well so far. But I’m only 6 hours in so maybe it’ll get better.

  13. I don’t like to question the great Miyamoto. A guy who I’ve admired, read about and respected since I was a kid. But, why does it seem like every time he speaks, he always mentions something about catering towards children? Does he realize how many older gamers are out there? I’m 38, and while I still enjoy Mario and Zelda (and other cartoony games), I also enjoy the more mature games like Assassin’s Creed and The Last Of Us etc.

    I just hope he’s thinking about ALL ages. Because when a game is super easy and/or super short, it seems he’s only thinking about the children. Helen Lovejoy from the Simpsons would be SO proud of him. LOL!

  14. Wonderful 101 I think is under rated. At the end you feel some kind of connection to the heros. It was a long ending but rather makes you feel a little emotional when completed. That was ine hell of a game.

    Pikmin 3 was fun but it could had been better than Pikmin 2 if they went back to under ground tunnels and collecting treasure again and had the creatures come out and have more of them.

    There wasnt that many creatures. And after killing them many never returned unless you went to another area then came back. And get rid of the Rock Pikmin for Pikmin 4. Keep the winged Pikmin though. Them carrying things back to camp is a great strategy plus you still need other pikmin to attack because the flying ones suck at fighting in a good way. Makes it more tough.

    1. I completely agree with what you said about Pikmin 3 (even though I liked the rock Pikmin). I loved Pikmin 3, but collecting only fruit was a bit boring and dull. And the game was only around 1/3 as big as it should have been. And it never felt too overly challenging (except I hated that last jelly boss). For me, Pikmin 2 still remains the best.

  15. Oh and I want Oliver and Luie and Alph to return. Heck Brotney and the Captian too. But make them skins up to three of them to go out and explore. Also I want to battle online. Finding the person to battle with and is experienced, you closer to winning a million dollars. The Pikmin franchise is very under rated.

    1. It’s sad to say, but I’m expecting it to bomb big time. The franchise will obviously get dormant for another decade, but then I hope someone more levelheaded from Nintendo can take over the next installment of it.

      1. Oh, it bombed hard. It hasn’t been in the top 40 anywhere since like the first week. And I think you’re right that it will be shelved again, which is total bullshit. Nintendo ruined it and will note blame the fans.

        1. It’s typical from Nintendo to blackmail fans.

          Chibi Robo, I know right?

          Nintendo got lazy, reused general 2D assets previously made for their 2D platform games, and named it “Chibi Robo”. It ended up bombing so hard, and we’ll never ever see another installment of it.

          1. Yep. Give your fans what they want. It’s simple. Sometimes they just do things to a franchise that no one asks for and you would think they would realize the fans didn’t want it and go back to the original formula. Instead, they just give up.

            1. I’m worried they might be ignoring what we are saying & only focus on the positive things we say. If so, fucking imbeciles! You don’t run a business like that. That’s like a bar continuously serving the same shitty drink because only 1 out of 10 of their customers like it. :/

              1. Or 1 out of 100 of their customers. Or 1 out of 1000 of their customers. Et cetera, et cetera.

                1. You want to know what Nintendo needs? Someone like Jon fucking Taffer of Bar Rescue!

                  1. Is that like one of those shows where someone comes to a company that is failing and tries to help them get back into good business practices?

                    1. Yep. Except it’s about bars. Of course, Taffer essentially says you should treat your bar like a company. lol

                    2. Well then that could certainly help Nintendo. Either that or start listening to fans. Two very simple solutions. Come on Nintendo. Do it!

  16. “Get good!” “Learn the controls!” Fuck you fanboys that said that bullshit! If you want to blow Nintendo’s guys & never admit when Nintendo fucks up, go to one of those sites where you’ll fit in with the rest of the fanatics defending their bullshit. I think Nintendo Life would be a nice little place for ya since the comment sections there are full of fanboys.

    Some people don’t want to get good because we want to get right into the damn game. If we have to spend hours in a training section to get use to controls, they are terrible. That’s all there is to it.

    1. Get em! Love the Nintendo Life comment. That site, including the writers, is loaded with fanboys. There are some that aren’t, but they’re in the minority. The site gave Star Fox Zero an 8 out of 10. Fuck outta here. I despise the “get good” argument. It is lazy and desperation. I beat the game. Still absolutely hated the controls. Try again with an actual argument. “A few of us liked this game and its oddball controls, so everyone else is dumb and lazy!” No. The game sold like crap and many people returned the game in the first month. The proof is in the pudding. The controls would have been fine if there was an option to turn them off and use regular control schemes. Instead, they shoved their “innovation” down our throats along with two screens and an almost identical story. Most people hated the game, but it’s somehow our own fault that we don’t like it? Laughable. As far as the two screens, texting and driving anyone? How is it a good idea to be switching between two screens in the middle of a dogfight? I buy consoles to play games on my big screen tv. Not a 6 inch display (although off-screen is nice for when others are using the tv) to use for aiming.

      1. LOL! Perfect analogy! Go through Star Fox Zero is the same of to text and drive.

        I absolutely hate to be forced to change my view between the gamepad and the TV screen.

        1. Thank you haha. It’s so annoying. I have the game a chance. I wanted to like the game. I’m a Star Fox fan. But the switching back and forth and the aiming system was obnoxious.

        2. I hate being forced to change my view between the gamepad & TV screen in the midst of battle. Fuck that bullshit! So he did indeed use the perfect analogy!

    2. Agreed 100%. Getting sick of fundamentalists that devote their lives to defend Nintendo’s bullsh*t.

  17. That outburst aside, Miyamoto & Bill seem pretty good at making excuses for why these two games didn’t do better. Star Fox Zero because of the forced, gimmicky controls (Oops! Did I say gimmicky!? I better say “innovative” so I don’t anger the fanboys!) and Pikmin 3 because the story was short as fuck and the multiplayer didn’t have online for those of us that like to play with people across the country or planet instead of the same exact people all the damn time. Why? Because at some point, we learn each others’ moves and then the game gets boring because neither of us are challenging the other anymore. You fight with the same person over a long period of time on the same game or subject and you eventually wise up to their tricks & tactics.

    But whatever. Keep making excuses for why you are failing, guys. It’ll be the death of your careers eventually. Nothing lives forever if they keep fucking up or fucking over the very people they should be trying to win over. Just ask the multitudes of empires & kingdoms that fell in the past because they fucked over their people.

    1. Oh that’s right! You can’t because a good majority died and crumbled before they had the chance to say “we were wrong and we fucked up!”

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