Vector Assault Developer Is Bringing Chroma Blast To Wii U On July 14

The studio behind Vector Assault, WizByte Games, has announced when Wii U owners will be able to get their hands on Chroma Blast. The upcoming game is set to debut on July 14 in North America for $1.49 via the Nintendo eShop. At launch, it will feature two game modes – Normal and Survival – with three more planned for August or early September. Chroma Blast tasks players with shooting down as many enemies as they can while avoiding projectiles to get a high score.



  1. Ew. Another mobile game hitting Wii U. If this keeps up, Wii U is going to be EXACTLY like Wii, minus the great sales. It’ll have very few good games while they all get overshadowed by all of the bad, shovelware, & casual games. :/ Bleh… Wii 2 indeed!

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