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Pokémon GO Is Still Topping The IOS Charts And Is Top Grossing iPhone App In The US

Pokémon GO began rolling out this week to IOS and Android smartphones, with North American, New Zealand and Australian trainers finally being able to get their hands on the highly anticipated mobile app.

The new app, that allows players to search around in the real world to capture Pokémon in augmented reality, took the top spot in the IOS charts just five hours after its release. It also looks like downloads aren’t all Pokémon GO is raking in, as of yesterday, the app was also the top grossing iPhone game which has surpassed the likes of Miitomo.

However, it hasn’t been without its problems, the app has had its moments with the severs being up one minute and down the next, but once these issues have ironed out it looks like the app will be set for even further success in the future.

Pokémon GO is yet to arrive in multiple countries worldwide, and fans are waiting on news from the Pokémon Company or Niantic on when it will be arriving in their region. Both companies have been very quiet in regards to the roll out, and haven’t yet spoken out about the server issues that players are facing. We will keep you posted with any new updates as they happen.



  1. Top Grossing also? Dang, I didn’t expect the performance for this game to be that good. I’m sure it’ll die down in a few days, but still.

    1. I don’t think it won’t die down in a few days especially in Japan where the mobile market is really booming at. Maybe in a few weeks or a month but if the servers issue get fixed it could be longer

  2. It’s more entertaining than Miitomo. It has been kinda glitchy lately and it has crashed multiple times on me, especially when I’m in a middle of catching a Pokémon, which can be frustrating, but they’ll probably have all the kinks worked out soon.

  3. These things don’t usually last that long, as the mobile market is so easily accessible it tends to roller coaster, but it is very nice to see nonetheless!

    Also, Pokémon which is one of the most widely loved by casual and seasoned gamers of all Nintendo franchises + being free (if you want to) on an online store that almost everyone can access, must be like selling ice cream at the beach on a sunny day!

    1. Same here, they need to get it figured out soon. I’m about ready to delete the app. I’ve tried 10 times with bad servers and got to pick my starter once then it crashed :(

      1. Are you android or iOS? Seems Android versions are suffering greatly.
        Second, are you signing in through Google or your Trainer ID? If you want to link to your trainer ID, you’re in for even more trouble.

        I’m going to wait to delete it until I get a chance to play. If it crashes, if I lose any $$$ from in app purchases post crash, or it plain doest work next week, I’m done.

  4. Downloaded it yesterday, haven’t even touched it yet. Gonna today though.

    The hell is wrong with me.

  5. The successes of both Miitomo and Pokémon GO is just a taste of how dangerous Nintendo is gonna be for their competitors in the mobile gaming space. Just wait until the mega popular Mario, Donkey Kong and Zelda franchises come…….it will be complete utter dominance for the Big N

    1. ||High Command needs only to improve our servers efficiency by 150% then we will truly blitzkrieg our way into Appling territory…||

    2. Miimoto is no longer considered a success. It has a terrible attach rate and is beginning it’s decline. Nintendo is Investigating why.

      Pokémon IP + Free to Play business model was sure to absorb a massive initial download stream. As someone here said, we will need to wait and see how it performs after the glitches are fixed and people start using up their free inventory.

      Given the Badge Factory app, Nintendo /Pokémon Company/ Game freak (which I will now call PONG) will have tweaked their weighted formula to ensure they will make money. Mark my words.

      I’ve already heard that like any other Free to play, the people pumping money into the game are the victors. They are leveling up their pokemon like crazy for real $$$. I mean, that’s just how free to play works. So. Well see how fun it is for the masses. I hope they fucking fix it tho.

  6. So many people are trying to play that game that I have yet to be able to play it due to servers being down.

  7. I played the game for about a minute. Then I got bored. Mobile games just aren’t my thing. Still, that is an achievement nonetheless.

  8. I can’t get it to run. It crashes either on the first or second loading screen, and that’s if it can connect to a server in the first place. I already hate smartphones, and that’s when the things I’m trying to run aren’t completely broken.

  9. If the problems are due to too many trying to use the app at once, this is what they get for not having a shitload of servers ready to handle the load. It’s fucking Pokemon, damn it! They should have known a shitload of people would use it. These guys made the same damn mistake WWE made when they put the WWE Network up and didn’t think for one second their product would be popular & set up a shitload of servers to handle the load! If that is the case, I absolve them of releasing a glitchy game, and Nintendo for not making sure they don’t damage the Pokemon name that they own stock in by keeping a closer eye on the project since they are trying to delve into the mobile game market, & instead blame them for not being better prepared.

    Anyway, like Quadraxis & Ian McKellan’s Magneto once said, let the pawns go first!

  10. I’ve enjoyed what little I’m played thus far.

    It’s flawed as hell and feels a bit rushed but it’s hard to not be drawn in by the basic catching mechanics. No chance I’m paying anything though.

    There was a hilarious Pokestop in Manchester city centre (Quay Street if anyone knows the area) ‘Lady of The Night’…

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