You’ll Soon Be Able To Chat Live With Mario And Luigi At Nintendo NY

Mario and Luigi fans may want to plan on paying a visit to Nintendo NY sometime soon. On select days between July 12 and July 24, you’ll be able to chat live with the Super Mario Bros. in real time at the New York-based store. The full appearance schedule can be read below. Nintendo NY went through a major renovation earlier this year, and Mario and Luigi helped unveil the remodeled store. Visitors can check out new games and pick up exclusive memorabilia and souvenirs.



  1. I know this sounds a bit morbid but,…

    … I really do hope they have backup plans for when Charles Martinet retires (I mean, he’s not going to do this forever).

    1. Exactly.

      We already lost Alan Young. I just hope Disney and Wayforward had a back-up plan in regards to him, Scrooge McDuck, and the future of DuckTales (DuckTales 2 Remastered).

      1. And the radio show I listen to all the time used to star Alan Young as a character. I was a really big fan, and I am a really big fan of Charles.
        However unlike a radio show, Charles’ voice clips have been re-used for many games, especially Super Mario Bros. and Super Smash Bros Melee-Smash Bros. Brawl. It would buy them some time to re-reuse the voice clips again.

    2. I’m sure they’ll do just fine with the audio they already have. What more do we need besides “It’s-a me, a Mario!” and “Oh yeah! Mario Time!”?

      1. For most Mario games, yes, but there have been a number of games where they needed more than that. Take Super Mario Maker for example.

        Also, without the actual voice actor, this thing that they’re doing wouldn’t be possible (and Nintendo has been doing similar things like this often).

  2. Cool, too bad that New York is on the other side of the US. Nintendo, why don’t you open a Nintendo World store here in Seattle? Nintendo of America is here, after all, and I’m sure that it would do well with how many gamers live here.

    1. ||And will never happen unless each of you contribute one hundred thousand each at least…||

  3. “Mario & Luigi, why does your Mario & Luigi games got to ruin the original premise of Paper Mario? Are you guys prejudiced towards your Paper counterparts? Are you guys paperists!?”

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