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A “Twitch Plays Pokemon Go” Stream Has Launched

You may recall the Twitch Plays Pokemon stream from two years ago. Well, a new Twitch stream has been booted up for Pokemon GO. Twitch Plays Pokemon GO, like others before it, has the same premise. The Twitch chat plays the app by typing inputs. If you want to check it out, you can find the stream here.


11 thoughts on “A “Twitch Plays Pokemon Go” Stream Has Launched”

  1. “You may recall the Twitch Plays Pokemon stream from two years ago”

    Actually, the “TwitchPlaysPokemon” channel has been up ever since, a good number of different Pokemon games have been played on there.

  2. Ooh! Maybe they’ll come across a dead body in the stream! Or maybe they’ll be caught sitting in a deserted area of a park with two black people and get accused of taking part in a drug deal! Or maybe they’ll walk right into a private area of a hospital and get thrown out! So many exciting adventures await anyone watching the stream and the person filming said stream!

    1. Is there anything else that has happened to someone playing this mobile game yet that I might have missed and should throw into my comment?

  3. so apparently there is a way to hack the game to not actually have to use your actual GPS location?? Otherwise, how is this even possible?

    1. PC phone emulation, phone emulators GPS sometimes allow for the user to manually change the GPS.

      I would not recommend it unless you want to be banned from pokemon go though.

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