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iOS Users Are Spending More Time With Pokémon GO Than Facebook

Data from Sensor Tower suggests that iOS users are now spending more time in Pokemon GO than Facebook. The average iPhone user spent 33 minutes in Pokémon GO on July 11th. In comparison, the average user spent over 22 total minutes in Facebook. Snapchat received 18 total minutes and Slither received 10 total minutes. In comparison with other mobile games, it is third in line. Game of War sits at two hours of total daily usage for the average user, and Candy Crush Saga has an average total daily usage of about 43 minutes.



8 thoughts on “iOS Users Are Spending More Time With Pokémon GO Than Facebook”

  1. Voice Acting Nintendo Monarch: Lance Bulmer

    Now this I could actually see happening. Maybe Pok’emon Go does have it’s uses if it halts the increase of Mobile Zombies then it’s actually doing good.

    1. Not stopping the regular mobile zombies but converting them into mobile zombies that actually look to their environment, even if they are still zombies at the very least they walk and don’t stay sitting on a single spot.

  2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||1 weapon and one civilian tool overshadowing the entire gaming world making any Xbot filth overlooked by most…||

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