That Fake Nintendo NX Controller Being Advertised On eBay For $10,000

You may remember that Nintendo NX controller that had the internet speculating whether it was real or legitimate? Well, of course it ultimately turned out to be a fake. However, it would seem as though the creator of the device has put the controller on sale on eBay in case you want to own a piece of gaming history. It’s not cheap though as it’s currently going for $4,000 or alternatively you can purchase it now for the modest price of $10,000. It’s clearly a bargain.

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  1. ||Let’s see how stupid you humans are this year…||

        1. It’s humans were talking about. Stupidity and humans go together hand and hand, but what do you expect from a species that evolved from primates.

          1. ||I never expect anything from that primitive species, other than of course total stupidity…||

      1. ||There is no difference between me and my human puppet…||

    1. ||Considering several mindless fools bought a Wii U Gamepad controller made out of boxes or wood, this will sell…||

  2. Just one question: Does this fake controller even DO anything. If not, then there’s no point.

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around the SNES Playstation prototype.

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