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Pokemon GO Isn’t Eating Your Data Plan

While the Pokemon craze is back in full force with mobile title Pokemon GO some are concerned that the fun title is eating into their mobile data plan. However, the Wall Street Journal reports that this isn’t the case. P3 Communications says that the game uses a tiny five to 10 megabytes per hour. So there you go, no need to worry at all.

To fill up a 2GB plan, you’d have spend more time playing Pokémon Go than you would working a full-time job.

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  1. “To fill up a 2GB plan, you’d have spend more time playing Pokémon Go than you would working a full-time job.”
    Really? Shit I’m fucked up.

  2. So what does that mean? I obviously don’t have the game installed because I don’t have Wi-Fi on the go, the only type of Wi-Fi I have is my mobile data, which I use periodically when I’m going out somewhere, or when I’m at work sometimes, but what I still don’t understand is when I download it (for the first time anyway) will it take 1-1/2 GB out of 2 when I play it? How does it work?

    1. No. The amount of space it takes up on your phone is separate from your data plan and completely unrelated. Think of your phone like a hard-drive or a flash drive on a computer. It has a set amount of space that putting the game on your phone will take up. That space is not your “data”.

      Data just refers to how much communication your phone is aloud to download/send when your phone isn’t connected to wifi. Anytime you use maps, or google maps, or occasionally when you have no service you can use “data” to make a call. Or if you watch a video or basically do anything that requires the internet when you aren’t connected to wifi will eat up your data plan.

      After you download the game and play it, this game uses up a very small amount if your data plan. The actual download of the game and the space it takes up on your phone has zero effect on your data. This article pretty much states that if you were to play the game almost non-stop for 8 hours a day, THEN it might use up the entirety of a 2gb data plan (which is a relatively small plan).

    2. If you download the game and any additional data on your WiFi it won’t download more than map data when you load up. Just start it at home once and you’re good to go! :)

  3. I play the game a lot and it seems to be very low, compared to other apps that I use, on my data usage list. YouTube and Netflix eat up my plan so much that I have to only use them while on Wi-fi.

    On the other hand, Pokémon Go eats up the battery life of my phone, since it has to use location, camera (if AR is active), bright screen (it’s been quite sunny lately, so I get a lot of screen glare), and internet connection (to communicate with the server).

    So in other words, Pokémon Go has relatively low data usage, but can quickly drain the battery life of your device. That’s why it’s always good to carry a portable charger or two, while playing.

    I have two chargers (one small 3350mAH that I keep in my pocket and a very good larger one at 16750mAh in my pack for backup). I also recommend getting a good car charger. I’m pretty happy with my BESTEK (

  4. “To fill up a 2GB plan, you’d have spend more time playing Pokémon Go than you would working a full-time job.”

    Sounds exactly like me. Good thing I have T-Mobile.

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