Study Confirms Mario Kart Makes You A Better Driver In Real Life

It turns out that Mario Kart has the capability of boosting your actual skills on the road. According to a recent study, those who play Nintendo’s flagship racing game using a steering-wheel accessory and motion controls can become better drivers. The data gathered from this study shows that playing Mario Kart improved participants’ visuomotor control skills on the target dot task after five hours of training. After 10 training sessions, participants showed even greater improvement.

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  1. ||You will all see, Nintendo will take over this world and everyone will be Nintendofied or destroyed…||

  2. So, is this why I seem to drive more safely than almost everybody else in my city? Or is it just that I have more common sense? Hmm…..

    Seriously, nearly everybody around here drives like bats out of hell. Even when I’m going the maximum speed limit, people go around me. Even when it doesn’t accomplish a single thing. It’s like everyone got their driver’s license at the Autopia ride at Disneyland.

  3. I actually feel like Mario Kart makes me a more dangerous driver. Back when MK8 first came out and I was playing it like crazy my gut reaction when driving IRL was to rear end people to get past them lol

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