Darksiders Remastered Available On Wii U Later This Year

Nordic Games has confirmed today that Darksiders Remastered is heading to the Wii U this year. Darksiders Remastered won’t be a full-priced title but will instead be $20 and available both digitally and physically. The remaster will also feature Miiverse integration and a new line of Darksiders merchandise will be available upon release. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out more details of the acclaimed title.

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  1. I downloaded 2 on the eShop during a sale a year or two ago and still haven’t sat down to play it yet. I wonder if I should wait to play the first one or play the second one first to see if I’d like the first one.

    1. Way off topic, but I went back to SF Zero recently. Just got the last two medals. I didn’t know it unlocks the extra arwings if you beat the whole game. Not a bad prize for everything. But I still don’t like the controls. You’re one of the few people on here that I know has the game, so I just thought I’d share that I beat it.

        1. Oh. I figured you already beat it by now. I took a long hiatus from it. But yeah, it saves you money if you don’t buy the amiibo. Which I didn’t.

      1. I haven’t played it myself, but I’ve heard is better than the second one. More focused. I have mixed feelings about Darksiders II, but the first one sounds right up my alley, especially if the remaster is good.

        Besides, it’s only 20€.

          1. It’s only 20 bucks American. Not sure how much it is in Europe, but can’t be too much more. Part 2 was one of my favorite games this generation personally, so I’ll be getting the first since everyone says it’s even better.

      2. If you like Zelda then go for it. Story wise the game is solid. The puzzles are Good without being over difficult. If you play the game like I did (without looking at solutions) then it 40 hours of pleasure. I actually playing the second one and yet the first one is better from art style point of view.

        1. ||How are the bosses? That’s my main point in most weapons these days…||

          1. I would say the same as Zelda twilight princess and the last boss is similar to the final boss of skyward. (in term of fighting) That game is really like a Zelda type game and if you like Zelda you would like that game.

  2. Cool. It’s fairly priced, but I wonder if they’ll release a HD collection of the games on the NX. I kinda want to hold off buying any more games for the Wii U and just save up for the NX console and games for it.

  3. Well, here’s something that I wouldn’t expect to hear.

    I’ve never been interested in this series, but I remember that the sequel was a launch title for the Wii U. I’m glad that they’re doing this.

  4. Cool. Might check it out. I grabbed the second one for $10 on the eShop, and while it was an interesting idea I kind of got bored with it before I beat it. The world and its dungeons were just too empty, though I hear the first one was better.

  5. Unless this is getting an NX version along with Darksiders 2, I think I’ll go ahead and get it on the PS4, along with buying Darksiders 2 for a second time for the PS4 and selling my Wii U copy of the game. I refuse to own both Darksiders games on a console that is obsolete not only to the NX (that’s if the NX is even on the same level as the PS4 is) but the PS4 and Xbone as well.

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