Nintendo Adds A New Way Of Getting Super Sea Snails In Splatoon

The final Splatfest may have been and gone but Nintendo is still tweaking around with the Splatoon formula. A user on Reddit has noticed that Splatoon players will be given 1,000 points per win in Regular Battles, as opposed to the original 300. Plus if you win thirty matches you will be entitled to get a Super Sea Snail, which you can obtain by talking to Judd the Cat.

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  1. Well, I guess I can use my 120+ Super Sea Snails now.

    What isn’t very clear is whether it’s 30 wins in a row, or you win 30 matches (with some losses in between), get the snail, and it resets.

    1. well leveling up your gear is going to be really easy now. Does this mean it’s going to be easier to make coin now too? I wonder if winning ranked matches will be worth more points now as well…

  2. This is some of the best news our Nintendo overlords have given us just give us the option to play as a octoling & breath of the wild and we will be golden

    1. This will only hasten leveling up if you’re below 20- once you reach 21, leveling up comes down to winning and if you inked past a certain amount (+1 point if you got between 200p and 400p, +2 if you got over 400p, and nothing if you didn’t even breach 200p).

      However, it WILL hasten how frequently you can have Spike add or reroll slots if you have no snails, and get money faster to buy any weapons you don’t have yet.

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