Lead Designer And Assistant Designer Both Leave Nintendo Software Technology

Nintendo Software Technology (or NST) has lost two more key employees. Stephen Mortimer who is the lead designer and Paul Kranich who is the assistant designer have left the Redmond based in-house development group. Hirokazu Yasuhara who is famed for working for the Sonic Team also departed recently. NeoGAF member Shikamaru Ninja says that the company has been in “development hell” and have “have experienced consistent turnover with their employees.



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  2. I’m not surprised by this at all. The NST sounds like a really horrible place to work in as of late. Nintendo should be more trusting with that company instead of screwing them over. Either that, or shut it down or merge it with Retro Studios (since that one at least has a lot more respect and freedom from Nintendo than probably any other US-based Nintendo company).

    1. I mean, outside of Retro and NST there isn’t any other US-based Nintendo-owned development house.

      1. … okay, fair enough. Then again, maybe we can count Next Level Games.

        Actually scratch that: they’re not owned by Nintendo. Nor are they American (they’re Canadian).

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