Level-5: Inazuma Eleven The Scales Of Ares Confirmed

Level-5 has confirmed the development of Inazuma Eleven: The Scales of Ares which was first noticed during a trademark leak. The news was announced today during the Level-5 Vision event and platforms have been unspecified. The Inazuma Eleven series has found its home on the Nintendo 3DS so this is expected to make its debut on the Nintendo NX.

  • 3 main characters
  • Parallel timeline sequel to the very first Inazuma Eleven
  • Fubuki Shirou’s twin brother Atsuya is alive
  • Possibly the first game since the original to have only 1 version?



  1. It’s a shame that game wasn’t on the wii u.there are lot of captain tsubasa fans and it would have been a good game for football fans we know in UK… Well in Europe (to be fair) we like our football.

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