Level-5 Aren’t In A Position To Confirm NX Games But Say They Love Working With Nintendo

Level-5 announced a host of titles yesterday during their special Level-5 Vision event. You can check out a recap of the event, right here. The company was contacted and asked whether or not any of the games will launch on the forthcoming Nintendo NX platform.

“We can’t confirm any releases for the NX, but we very much enjoy working with Nintendo.”


Thanks, paidenthusiast


  1. It sounds like the NDA is preventing them from speaking. Sega and Ubisoft on the other hand got permission directly from Nintendo to announce their upcoming NX games which is weird. Koei Tecmo even announced that they are working on NX titles. My guess is that maybe the NX titles that Level-5 are working on are the ones that will be published by Nintendo which is why they can’t confirm nor deny anything. I hope this gets cleared up real soon because it is a very confusing situation

    1. Nothing confusing about it. There will answer the question once the NX is revealed which hasn’t happen yet.

  2. Among my favourite devs for sure. Crazy how many great games these guys keep releasing.

  3. Level-5 is my favorite video game developer. I’m sure at least one of their future titles will make its way to the NX.

  4. I like how third party companies’ replies about NX are basically “we love Nintendo, but…”
    I’ve heard that saying “I love you, but…” is indication of an abusive relationship lmao.

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