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Miitomo Updated To Version 1.4.0

We revealed earlier this week that Miitomo will be receiving a substantial update designed to expand the longevity of the game which initially started strong, but has lost its fair share of users. The latest update allows you to use the Candy you’ve accumulated in order to get Game Tickets. The Game Tickets can then be used in Miitomo Drop which is the mini-game which includes a variety of cool outfits for your Mii. Here’s the full changelist from the app:



16 thoughts on “Miitomo Updated To Version 1.4.0”

  1. Decent tweaks, but what the app really needs is a new type of minigame (in addition to drops) and some serious customization of your “room”. Those changes might have me coming back.

    1. The game is just utter boredom. There is nothing to do but to type to friends. I can socialize via text and don’t need a game to do it. I like the idea, though, it could have been done better in practice.

  2. Whatever. I only log in for my daily bonus anymore and then I just quit after I get it. No one’s commented on my answers in well over a week. There’s no point in sinking time into this anymore.

    1. While the game’s popularity have dropped faster than Nintendo’s shares after the investors realized that they didn’t make Pokémon Go, there are still people playing. Maybe you just need to get a few new friends? Most of the people I have, and talk to, are people I met through Miitomo. Most of my Twitter “friends” have stopped playing 100%, or mostly stopped playing

  3. Honestly, this app is the reason I went back to tomodachi life. Wow that game is so much better than miitomo! I knew it was better but, playing it makes me never want to reture to miitomo!

  4. Candy Drop is such a waste. You need 10 stubs for a ticket. Each attempt costs 5 candies (yet Miitomo Drop only gives you 3) So, that’s 50 candies for 1 ticket. But it’ll take 17 tickets to earn those 50 candies. Yes, you get a 1 in 4 chances of an actual ticket, but the odds are not forever in your favor. It’s such a waste. You’re running faster and faster just to get further away.

    1. Thanks bro. I was thinking about going back and check it out for myself but, after reading what you said, it would have been a big waste of my time. This app is hopeless!

    2. While I agree, I’d like to point out I got a ticket (not 1/10th) on my first try. The “once a day” is somewhat stupid, too. BUT. Now we can at least use candy for something useful, no matter how little they actually help/work.

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