US: Best Buy To Offer Free 2-Day Shipping To Members

US retail firm Best Buy has started sending out emails to its members informing them that the company is set to offer free 2-day shipping. There’s no annual fee, but it only applies to orders that are over $35. Here’s what the email to customers says:

Dear My Best Buy® Member,

Thank you for being a part of My Best Buy! We would like to tell you about some important changes coming to My Best Buy on August 28, 2016 (view updated terms & conditions).

Our mission is to make it easier for you to enjoy the latest technology-the technology you love and use every day.

We’ve listened to what matters most to members, and are excited to tell you about a core benefit available to you. We are now making it easier for you to get the latest technology quickly with Free 2-Day Shipping (with no annual fee) on thousands of items when you shop at® or by using our mobile app. You can take advantage of Free In-Store Pickup when you need your technology even faster.



  1. Trying to compete with Amazon? I think I’ll still keep Amazon Prime just because their service is so great.

    1. Not to mention there is no catch for free 2 day shipping, unlike this where you have to at least buy something worth 35$ or buy a couple of items that add up to 35$.

  2. This is why I absolutely love BestBuy. If you’re a gamer this is where you need to shop. Their Gamer Club Unlocked membership is unbeatable. $30 for a 2 year membership and you get 20% off (even on top of already reduced sale prices) on all your physical games no matter how recent or old the games are, plus you get an addition $10 back in store cash when you pre-order a lot of the major PS4 and XBox One games. And on top of all that you also get points for every dollar you spend which can then be traded in for store cash. And now they are offering free 2-day shipping for members without an annual fee. Go BestBuy!!!!

  3. Always a catch with some places. You only get the free bonus if you spend a certain amount of money first. I’ll stick with Amazon. Least I can buy something worth only 5 bucks and get free 2 day shipping as an Amazon Prime member.

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