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UK: Nintendo 3DS Sales Up By More Than 200 Percent

The success of mobile smash hit Pokémon GO has had a huge impact on Nintendo 3DS sales in the United Kingdom. Sales of the handheld are now up by 200 percent compared to the same period last year. Because of this Nintendo has seen ten titles entered the top fifty. 9,000 units of these sales come from the Pokémon franchise. Interestingly Nintendo was the No.1 boxed games publisher last week. Let’s hope the sales continue!



  1. Up by 200% means triple the amount, right? Or else it should say “up by 100%”, which means the sales doubled.

  2. And people say that the UK hates Nintendo. Pfft.

    Nintendo UK should learn from this though and market their products properly and frequently, especially when the NX rolls around.

  3. Using the mobile market to get more people to buy the actual game systems. Very nice.

    I’d like to see something similar whenever Fire Emblem’s mobile game comes out later.

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