Nintendo Minute Debates NES Vs. SNES

The Nintendo Minute debate series is back and focuses on the topic of NES vs. SNES. Kit argues for NES, while Krysta takes the side of SNES. Both hosts are fans of both consoles but had to pick a side for the sake of arguing. They discuss hardware, games, controllers, aesthetics and more. Watch the episode below to see who brings up better points:


  1. This might actually be a really good Nintendo Minute. But then again, there hasn’t really been a truly terrible one. I like the show. I just think some of the things in the show can be moderately cringy. Either way, I like the show.

  2. I hate Nintendo minute and its artificiality. I also hate its poor, broken, pre-determined scripts. (In time, WWE has screenplay, but it’s amazing.) Maybe those two guys who pretends to know everything about Nintendo have talent to make scrambled eggs, but both are awfully incapable to make a show of such importance.

    Decadence has hit Nintendo big time.

  3. SNES by far. I loved NES, I had the Mario Paint with the mouse and mouse board. It was so awesome!

    But hands down SNES, the leap in gameplay was so great for me. So many gems from SNES era.

  4. While the NES was very important to the industry, SNES black was it out of the water. It’s like the NES went Super Saiyan.

  5. for me that would be SNES for the following: Chrono trigger, Final Fanstay 4,5 and 6, Sieken densetsu 2, Mario Kart 1, Street fighter 2, super mario world, Zelda: link to the past, thunder force, Megaman X1,2 and 3 (not as good as megman series thou), castlevania 4, duck tales.

    If it was not for those games I would have choose the NES which just few games like Megaman 1-8, bionic commando, metroid, super mario 3,zelda 1 and 2, world cup soccer, rush’N attack, double dragon 1 and 2, life force (salamender), gradius, burai fighter, quantum fighter, batman, TMNT 1and 2, punch out (Mike tyson) make it a great console.

    I think for me it’s not the graphic far from that (on a side note, I recently play megaman 2 and finished it last week.) but the game play and believe me when I say it was a hard decision to choose between those consoles.

  6. just another side note, the design of the US version of the SNES is really ugly. I still really feel sorry for the north american gamers. I am so glad I have (yep still have mine) the European/Japanese version of the SNES.

  7. SNES for Super Metroid, Super Mario World, Super Mario Kart, Street Fighter games, Mortal Kombat gamees, Chrono Trigger, Donkey Kong Country trilogy, & better graphics and art styles!

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