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Nintendo Power Collection Is No Longer Online

You may remember last week that a number of retro gaming enthusiasts were extremely pleased to find that the vast majority of Nintendo Power magazines had been uploaded online for everyone to read. Well, that collection is no longer available to read online so one can only assume they have been taken down at Nintendo’s request. US publication Game Informer is currently investigating what actually happened.


35 thoughts on “Nintendo Power Collection Is No Longer Online”

  1. Damn, I knew it couldn’t last long, i’m just sad I was too busy to really read them before they got pulled down. Once it was being reported on and advertised everywhere I knew someone would make them take ’em offline :/

        1. Wow, got to say that’s low after what they’ve been doing to Metroid fans. :/ Still love them, but yeah they can do some dumbs stuff….though I predict this is due to Nintendo of Japan and not the other divisions.

              1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

                ||If he had permission, Lord Reggienator would be all over it making a deal out of it years ago…||

          1. This is one possibility, but I’ve thought of another.
            They’ve shot down project in the making before, and there’s no way they didn’t know about AM2R, considering it’s been in development for a long-ass time.
            Now, assuming they were legally bound to take legal action so as to not to lose the rights to the trademark (big assumption, but bear with me), it would make sense to do it at the last minute (after release) to minimize the damage the project itself suffers. So, in a way, if they were going to take it down from the beginning, they might have thrown us a bone by not doing so until the first complete version was released. Just a thought.

  2. What the fuck is wrong with this world?! Why is recently everybody trying to steal Nintendo’s property?! First they tried to steal NES art books, then the N-Power magazines, and just yesterday a whole fucking Metroid game!
    And why is everybody getting mad at Nintendo? They have every fucking right to defend their property!

      1. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

        ||It doesn’t matter what any of us think, they have every right to take them down if they did not have permission to use their property…||

        ||Even if they aren’t making resources out of it…||

    1. Because Nintendo Power was fucking discontinued in 2012……?

      Nintendo doesn’t make money off of it and hasn’t for years, so what the hell is your issue with uploads of magazine scans?

  3. So much for Nintendo not being like The Pokemon Company & sending C&D orders for things that shouldn’t really do any harm to Nintendo or TPC. Maybe they should do more stuff like what they do in Japan & have Pokemon Cafes scattered across the world. As for the Metroid game, maybe if they’d make a better Metroid game, and even a remake of Metroid II, fans wouldn’t need to make fan games!

    See, Nintendo & Pokemon Company! I just gave you guys a way to not come off as assholes with these C&D orders!

    1. Their mentality is to create something more than something a fan could throw together. While just doing 100% what heavy fan demand dictates (use Mother 3 translation, M2 remake using Zero Mission assets, 64 HD, Pokémon Snap 2, etc), their Japanese head division seems to think that would be the lazy way out (rather than easy money).

      Mind you, I’m merely trying to look at this from their perspective, not taking any sort of personal stance.

      1. That’s probably exactly that. Their ego is getting the better of them & making them think they can do a lot better than what the fans can do or think of. Just like WWE. Instead of the WWE championships being traveling belts like many fans suggested, they are gonna be making brand exclusive titles instead. :/

    2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

      ||Except fans or not they still create these fanbased ones regardless whether Nintendo makes great weapons or noy…||

  4. The magazine hasn’t even been in print for half a decade now, what was the harm in uploading all those old issues?

    Ninty just dropped the ball twice in less than a day, that’s a new low even for them.

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