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Ace Attorney 6 Is Due To Be Released September 8th And Demo On August 25th

Capcom has confirmed today that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice will be launching on September 8th. If that’s not enough there will be a demo available on August 25th. Interestingly the release is digital only and the release date is thought to include both North America and Europe. You can check out a video of the game, below.

No matter if you’re a rookie attorney or a courtroom ace, you’re sure to be excited about today’s news – we’ve just confirmed Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Spirit of Justice will launch on the Nintendo 3DS eShop as a digital download on September 8th, 2016! If you can’t wait that long to start playing the latest in the series, we’ve got even more news that’s sure to delight – a demo for Spirit of Justice will be available for download through the Nintendo eShop on August 25th, 2016! It’s the perfect chance to get a first taste of the Kingdom of Khura’in’s local flavor for yourself and experience both the new Divination Séance mechanic as well as Séance Trials.


11 thoughts on “Ace Attorney 6 Is Due To Be Released September 8th And Demo On August 25th”

    1. Oh yes, they can be – whilst being heavily narrative based, they also force you to keep track of character motivations and how they relate to the case…and sometimes the game will surprise you with what you think you know as opposed to what you SHOULD know.

      I would look into the games if you’re interested, they are all great stuff.

        1. I highly suggest you start with the first three for DS/Wii, or the trilogy on 3DS (same thing) which I believe is on sale on the eShop if I read an earlier post correctly. Most of the important characters are introduced in the first game and stick around for all three, but there are one or two more that debut in the second so it’s best to play them in order.

          There are a few logic holes in some cases in all three, but when you get past those, the games have superb storytelling. There’s hardly any replay value, though- once you’ve finished a case, you’ve seen the only way it plays out. Fair warning.

            1. Oh no, I’m not saying there’s no point in playing them again (I’ve played the final case of T&T from start to finish countless times), just that if you’re expecting multiple endings, there aren’t any; it’s the same thing every time.

              1. I beat the first 1 a few times. Justice for All I always stop playing till the last case. The last cast is such a good twist though. Three is just the best. 4 is okay. And 5 was good but the ending case was not that appealing to me. It was still a good game.

    2. Yeah and as much as we shit on Capcom in these forums, this is one of their really good franchises that they haven’t killed at all.

      These 5 of them

      Phoenix Wright – Ace Attorney (2)
      Phoenix Wright – Justice for All (3)
      Phoenix Wright – Trails and Tribulations (1)
      Ace Attorney – Apollo Justice (4)
      Phoenix Wright – Dual Destines (5)

      I put numbers behind the best in my opinion. Trails is the hardest one, but they all are challenging and worth it. 15 dollars for the first three on the eShop I believe, too.

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