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Video: Samus Cameo In Metroid Prime Federation Force Revealed

Like most publications GameXplain have gotten their hands on a review copy of Metroid Prime: Federation Force and the secrets are already leaking. The teams latest video shows a rare but welcome cameo by the one and only Samus Aran. If you want to view it (it should be considered a spoiler) then check it out in the video below and skip to the final minute.

34 thoughts on “Video: Samus Cameo In Metroid Prime Federation Force Revealed”

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  2. Nintendo First Order Commander Quadraxis

    ||My enemy, shrunk ÷4/:; and !=humiliated like this…||

    ||This is ;.=%ot Samus #:ran…||

    ||¤¡^§¥¬₹₪4¬{-$ θ:-) :-)) -÷::\;&||

      1. Stop shoving Undertale where it doesn’t belong. I can tell that you did it to be funny, but come on love.

        There’s a reason why many are against Undertale and its fanbase on the Internet.

          1. Just because I’m an Undertale fan doesn’t mean I’m not tired of other fans giving us a bad name, mate. You don’t see me randomly comparing Francis to Alphys on Paper Mario videos (which unfortunately plenty of fans are doing).

        1. He basically called you a mysterious Royal Scientist from Undertale, one that many fans love to make theories on. One of his defining features is speaking in Wingdings (Hence the WD part of his name), which you aren’t typing in that font at all. It’s honestly a terrible joke that he should avoid in the future.

  3. Looks great, can’t wait to play, feel sorry for those who won’t forgive Nintendo for making a shooter in the Metriod universe than an “actual” Metriod game, whatever that means….

    Anyway it’s time for a 2D Metriod, that sounds fun….

  4. Things I’d like on the next Nintendo home console:
    1) Metroid-game à la Metroid: Other M (gameplay-wise, with a better script preferably). In my opinion 2,5D is much more fun than 2D!

    2) A F-Zero game. I’d settle for a GX-remake to be honest! (Unlikely to happen, but I want to see Captan Falcon relevant outside of Smash for once.)

    3) A 3D Kirby game, they’ve never really done this and I think the style of City Trail in Air Ride was such a underrated concept!

    I think everyone here loves Mario and Zelda, and I’m totally one of them and they do that excellently: but I think Nintendo has a lot of dormant potential in their underused IPs!

      1. I’m not even against the idea of having a Metroid game from a different perspective. I just think it’s amazing that they used “Samus is in the game” as a form of damage control, yet all we’ve seen of her (other than that mission briefing pic Quadraxis posted) is her ship. It’s astounding.

        1. FF isn’t bad because it lacks Samus, it is bad because it lacks what makes Metroid Metroid.
          Ideally, Samus would have never had a voice in the first place because her purpose, like Link’s, is to be an avatar for the player, so it doesn’t really matter if they want to make us use another hunter instead of her as long as we get the real deal gameplay-wise (Though fuck the idiots calling for making Link a woman, it’s one thing to put in Linkle and another one to steal Link’s legacy for political reasons)
          The problem with FF is not that it makes us play as Federation soldiers, it’s that it is a 4-player fps spin-off and not the usual 1-player adventure/exploration metroidvania affair we’re used to.
          And don’t tell me it’s ok because it’s an spin-off, it’s the first game in the series in 5 years and the first in the Prime subseries in 8, you simply don’t do that, people are fine with Mario Tennis or Pokemon Trozei because they know just how often those series spawn main series games.

          1. Have you even played Super Metroid where Samus is giving us the backstory for the game? Or how about Metroid Fusion, which is very well liked and widely accepted among the Metroid fanbase, where Samus clearly has a personality of her own? She’s NOTHING like Link. If anything, she’s more like Fox McCloud.

  5. Hey, so I got to Play FF, and it was actually really fun!! 3 other teammates, fighting monsters!!! Different terrains, epic battles!!
    Wait… Oh shit, looks like I’m playing Monster Hunter Generations.
    Sorry! My mistake. Skip this shit.
    Nintendo is dense and stubborn but, and I hope this is true, they are not completely stupid. They know they are fucking with the franchise, and they know why we feel this way. If we can help make this game bomb, we’ll have sent the right message for them to produce a legit game or spinoff.
    It’s obviously a cash-grab. If we were meant to give a shit about federation troopers, they would have given the troopers names and integrated them more into the story. The closest they ever came to this was in otherM, NOT any of the Prime games.

    Ugh… Nintendo. Disappointed in you.

    1. Technically, that’s not entirely true- every Fed trooper in the beginning of Prime 2 Echoes (those whose vessel you were supposed to find in the first place) had log data that revealed his or her name, as well as what may have been their final thoughts. I remember there being one that said, and I paraphrase, “she keeps going on and on about this bounty hunter that took out an entire planet of Space Pirates. What a load of crock! But if she wants to believe in this Samus, or the boogeyman, or Santa Claus, that’s on her.”

      I’m more happy with that than anything they did in Other M- the “military genius” Adam makes some of the stupidest decisions possible for a rescue mission involving hostile alien encounters (like, Wheatley from Portal 2 stupid), the Deleter sub plot is laughably dropped and never fully resolved, and Anthony’s survival in the pyrosphere is as ridiculous as Glen’s survival of his dumpster fall in Season 6 of Walking Dead.

      1. Ah! I forgot about the troop logs. Shame on me as I love Prime 2. D
        Still… That doesn’t make the spinoff any more right.

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