Video: Metroid Prime Federation Force Co-Op Trailer

Gamers in the United States haven’t got to wait long until they get their hands on Metroid Prime Federation Force as the game launches on Friday. To give players a taste of what to expect Nintendo of America has uploaded a short trailer showcasing the ability for you to team up with a friend against the many enemy forces that you will encounter. Be sure to check it out in the video below.


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  2. The comment sections of FF videos are so bad. its only blind fanboys saying shit like:
    -here come the dislikes
    -omg already dislikes
    -fuck the metroid fanbase
    -I’m here for the dislikes and salt
    -I haven’t played a metroid game yet and I’m totaly going to buy this game.

    1. I bet that these are the same tools who play Paper Mario Sticker Star, Mario Tennis Ultra Smash, and Animal Crossing Amiibo Party.

      Oh wait.

        1. I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or just really don’t know, but I’ll humor you. Here’s what’s wrong with those games, from a loyal supporter’s viewpoint:

          Mario Tennis Ultra Smash: has less content than N64 Mario Tennis- which released 15 years earlier- and costs a full $60. Game was clearly rushed.

          Paper Mario Sticker Star: has battle mechanics that were almost universally despised, story was extremely weak for a PM game.

          AC amiibo Festival: broken/forced use of amiibo for things as simple as taking your turn, one- I repeat, ONE- board that just has 12 versions (one for each month of the year), horribly slow gameplay, terrible minigames that were borderline unplayable. Game was clearly rushed, and is the only reason AC amiibo figures exist.

          1. the /s sign is used to display sarcasm it’s quite a need thing. But ofcourse it might not (yet) be a universal thing on the internet.

            So I can go “I really hate this /s” and then the person reading can’t misinterperet what I said.

  3. This game is a disgrace for the Metroid series and the trailer tries to hype up the expectations by showing the players instead of more gameplay.

  4. Trying to control people’s opinions, eh, Nintendo, by turning off the comments & like button? I don’t even want to check to see what the hell they are doing on Miiverse to damage control this abomination.

    1. I’ve been there. For the most part, it’s actually more open and as long as you don’t disobey the rules (friend code sharing, trolling, harassing) they leave your post up.

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