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Video: Shrine Oman Au Introduces Magnesis Ability In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.

Nintendo of America seems content to drip feed us video footage of the highly anticipated The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and we aren’t complaining. The latest footage which was posted on the Nintendo of America Twitter account shows Shrine Oman Au introducing the Magnesis ability to Link. Check it out, below.


12 thoughts on “Video: Shrine Oman Au Introduces Magnesis Ability In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild.”

  1. I wish Link was doing it with one hand. It’d look so much more awesome that way. Then in battle, you could use a combination of the magnesis & sword.

    1. Who uses a giant magnet with one hand? Everyone knows it’s not safe to use a magnesia with one hand no matter how strong you are. It’s clearly written on the safety label stuck on the side. :]

      1. I honestly wouldn’t mind that, actually. With a flick of the wiimote, you get to have Link toss the item to the side or at an enemy using the lock on. Wiimote for some items, Gamepad for map & inventory, & a traditional controller for everything else.

        To make Breath of the Wild even more awesome, let us customize our controls to the point we can decide if we use a specific controller for a specific item.

        1. Yea that would be cool, if you had the ability to customize your own controls. I honestly love Skyward Sword and the motion controls are really good in that game. But Im ready for the more traditional button controlled link now. Some parts could be fun with the Wiimote, like minigames or like you said tossing bombs or something.

          1. That’s all I’m honestly asking for: options for alternate controllers. If Star Fox Zero had done something similar, I would have been willing to buy that game.

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