Video: Nintendo UK Release A New Breath Of The Wild Teaser Clip

After waiting for so long, it’s nice to be getting so much new footage from Breath of the Wild. Nintendo UK has just tweeted a new clip from the game, this time showing off the power of runes. As well as powering up Link’s weapons, they seem to be able to control objects in the environment. What do you think of all the new Zelda footage? Tell us below.


        1. I’d say it’s the beginning. Random strong enemies will likely pop up and wreak havoc. (Kinda like in Xenoblade Chronicles X)

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Without difficulty, potions, food, heart pieces, bottles, etc., etc., are all pointless. I really hope this Zelda challenges you and has tough enemies that can kick your ass. From what Bill has been saying, that is indeed the case so lets keep our fingers crossed. Without danger the world would be boring to explore. So many developers make this mistake, including Nintendo.

  1. Sorry, don’t mean to harp on the way you wrote this post, but I do want to say that none of the footage we’ve been getting the past week and a half or so has been “new footage”. It’s all stuff we’ve seen before. The only thing that really makes it new footage is the fact that it’s been recorded more recently than the livestream at E3. I just hope we get some actual new footage soon, showing off villages or other areas in Breath of the Wild. I doubt we will until the NX reveal (whenever that ends up happening), but I’m somewhat tired of seeing all these posts about “NEW BOTW CLIPS!!!!!” when really it’s just stuff we’ve seen before. I don’t mind the glorious footage obviously, but I don’t like how the posts build up so much hype over something not really that hype-worthy. Just my opinion though.

    1. You perfectly summed up how I have been feeling sir. Very well articulated. No offense to MNN, but this stuff you are posting isnt actually new. We all were watching at E3, so not sure why you are calling this new…

  2. PeteZaroll & darthklarc, they are probably making these articles by calling them “new” with this mindset:

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