Build-A-Bear Eevee Web Exclusive Set Stocked A Day Early And Has Sold Out

Due to the anticipation for the newly announced Eevee Build-A-Bear plush, the company made the decision to stock the online exclusive set today, a day earlier than originally planned. The original release date for the plush was September 1st.

Due to the hype of the new arrival, that includes an Eevee plush, a sleeper, an Eevee cape, sound chip and an exclusive TCG card, the set has already sold out on the UK store. However, if it’s anything like the previously launched Pikachu plush set, it could be restocked at a later date.

Eevee will still be available to purchase in the Build-A-Bear stores, along with the sleeper that will be sold separately.



      1. Nothing but the best for my precious Eevee squad! :D (Now if someone would just edit my first comment, add in the stuff from the other comments into it, and then delete the extra comments. Minus this parentheses thing.)

  1. So it begins. This is the first of many, many poke-plush. Soon there will be many, sold on eBay for ridiculous prices, limited supply of each pokemon. Nintendo begins its new campaign of desire, disappointment, and horrible inventory and project management.

    1. Let’s not spin this to be Nintendo’s failure. It’s clearly the fault of The Pokemon Company. Then again, it’s clearly Build-A-Bear’s fault. Ya know what. Let’s just agree all three suck at stocking what should have obviously been highly desired products.

    2. ||Nintendo is not to blame for you humans and your weaknesses…||

  2. I will agree with you.
    However Nintendo has a time honored, proven behavior of product mismanagement and an inability to predict sales. Amiibo being their crowning achievement, but hardly the only example.

    And owning an IP such as Pokémon, given its crazed and massive following, to let it continue to be the punchline for poor launch preparation is irresponsible IMO.

    However, as you say, it would be unfair for Nintendo to shoulder more than their share of the blame. It’s just entertaining to watch them allow it to happen, making profits and taking no responsibility. Someone’s gotta be sure people know who’s behind the curtain and owns the Intellectual Property.

  3. If you are over 6 years old you should not be buying plushies no matter how much you like something (at least if you are a guy, for a girl it’s still weird as fuck though after a point)

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