Nintendo Didn’t Pay Anything For Mario To Be In The Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony

Nintendo Spokesman Yasuhiro Minagawa said in a telephone interview that the appearance of Mario in the Rio 2016 closing ceremony didn’t cost Nintendo anything at all. He said that “I want to make that clear. We did not pay”. If you feel that Mario’s inclusion will mean anything significant for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Minagawa was clear to end speculation on that. He said that “[Nintendo] are not going to become Olympic sponsors either”.



    1. Well Mario represents a large part of Japan’s heritage and culture so there really doesn’t need to be a reason other than that.

    1. What are you whining about now? Freaks? Who are you even talking to? No one is bashing Mario. You’re like a crazy old grandpa that has gone senile. Every now and we get an outburst from crazy ol’ Gramp BAA. Incoherent and usually random/off topic.

  1. *gasps* Soon, Nintendo will strike at the Rio Olympics for doing something with Mario without their permission. The backlash to Nintendo will be huge while the fanboys will defend this! What? Nintendo isn’t mad? Oh so they only going after the little guys like those making fan made games that are homages to Nintendo’s stuff?

  2. ||And we will never pay for anything else either, everything will submit to us…||

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