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Here’s The Cover Art For The Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo! 6-Pack

The cover art for the six-pack bundle of Animal Crossing: New Leaf Welcome amiibo! has surfaced online, giving fans an early look at what it looks like. A total of 50 new Animal Crossing amiibo cards are set to arrive on December 2, featuring villagers that did not appear originally and giving players a chance to bring them into their towns. A new free update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf is also scheduled to launch later this year.




    1. Me neither. Deleted my 200 hour save file so my gf could have a go at the game, and see if she liked it. Biggest commitment I ever did for this relationship!

  1. This looks nice, but the fact that they’re probably blind cards discourages me a bit. I understand that that’s the point though. (Like baseball cards. I never understood that appeal and always hated them.) Doesn’t make it less discouraging however.

    (That said, I have 15 of them because I just had to get Tom Nook. Because, you know, Tom Nook owns us all.)

    1. Exactly why I hate how Puzzle Swap works with getting puzzle pieces when using Play Coins: what you get is all dependent on how lucky you are. :/ I hate mini-games that rely a good 90% on luck. *cough*CatcherChocoboinFFX*cough* Grr..!

        1. Same principle. Both revolve around being random. It’s like a box of chocolates. Ya never know what ya gonna get.

          1. At least with a game I can understand why: depending on the concept, just giving guarantees all the time defeats the purpose. If the Play Coins just gave you panels that are always guaranteed to give you something, then it just defeats the purpose with it being a Streetpass game; you can just change the date, shake the 3DS, get the panels, and repeat until you get everything. Yes, people still do that sort of thing regardless, but here it’s less calculating. The point of the game is to find people and exchange panels with each other; the Play Coins thing is extra and is only there to help you out a little bit. If anything, we may as well complain that we have to share the coins with other Streetpass games and other 3DS games. With that said, even if my above points are proven wrong, the major thing is that it costs next to nothing (if nothing at all… unless, you know, you want to be picky and say it costs $0.02 of your electricity or something, but then I can say that you can just charge it somewhere other than your house). I don’t know; you’re literally the first person that’s complained about it (and it honestly sounds like you’re just making excuses for some reason) whereas everyone else that I’ve seen finds it as slightly annoying but they’re okay with it. I’m not defending it (and if you see it as defending, then that’s your problem), but at least, for Puzzle Swap, I understand the point of it.

            With a card however, I DON’T understand the point of it, whether they’re baseball cards or amiibo cards, it’s stupid to me. And while the amiibo cards actually does something, it’s a weak argument overall; we may as well make amiibo figures blind. Don’t tell me it’s for collections, because the main point of a figure is for collections as well and yet they’re not blind. I’ve seen more people complain about the blind amiibo cards than ever and it’s ended up being discourage for many people.

            1. I don’t live in a thriving Nintendo community or have many friends that are into Nintendo games. That & I live in a very small town where most of the area is just boondocks. And I can’t afford to go to neighboring towns & hope I come across 5 or more people every day to boost my chances in getting newer pieces since I have limited income. If there wasn’t such a tiny limit to how many Play Coins I can get every day, this wouldn’t be an issue for me. Anyway, I wasn’t trying to make that big of a deal out of my issue with Puzzle Swap as I was simply using it as one of many examples as to why I hate random generated crap which is, I’m assuming, was inspired by the pack of random baseball cards that were a thing long before video games started using the same principle.

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