Miyamoto Discusses How He Hopes Super Mario Run Will Reach Kids

While Pokémon GO certainly made a lot of money, the more impressive achievement was the incredibly wide audience the app reached. In an interview with The Verge, Miyamoto discussed how he hoped for the same thing with Super Mario Run. He particularly emphasised the opportunity to reach a new generation of gamers who only play on smart phones and tablets. According to Miyamoto, developing for mobile is crucial because of smart phones increasingly “being the first place this kids are encountering games”. The whole interview is certainly an interesting insight into Nintendo’s outlook on mobile.



    1. ||It’s Nintendo’s master plan and no, the Nintendolings are not a part of the main forces…||

  1. Kids usually imitate what the older kids are doing. I have two older brothers, and growing up I always wanted to play the games they were playing. This mind set is still alive today, and Miaymoto and Nintendo in general seem to have forgotten this, or never understood it at all. Kids don’t want to play “kiddie” games. The way to reach the youger generation is straight through the older generation!! This has always been the case and lately it seems Nintendo is blind to this. Unless ofcourse Nintendo is going after the 2-6 year olds. And if thats the case then god help us all.

  2. This is another reason Miyamoto needs to stay with mobile gaming & leave home console and handheld games alone. He’s so focused on little kids that he doesn’t take the rest of us into account anymore. (So glad Miyamoto is no longer in charge of Zelda, at least. I dread what the hell that franchise would have gone through over the last decade if he hadn’t have given control to Aonuma!)

    1. Yes, it seems miyamoto’s taste has become more limited and old fashioned. On top of that he also adds experimental features as in the case of star fox zero, at the cost of comfortability. I don’t know what happened to the miyamoto I had so much respect towards. He took away interesting features of mario games in the name of simplicity, and he constantly pleaded to aounuma to simplify the gameplay and stories of zelda. Nintendo was finding a good balance between interesting storytelling and gameplay and miyamoto kept pushing them to remove storytelling. Thank goodness miyamoto now has little influence on zelda… although his influence on mario is still too strong. All I want is a nice little majestic and mysterious story in mario, like the story of mario galaxy. Even mario sunshine had a somewhat intriguing story… also, bless aounuma for introducing English voice acting to zelda breath of the wild. Zelda speaking with that incredibly sweet British accent made me extremely excited!!!

      1. If Nintendo can prove they can do a great job with voice acting in a Zelda game, maybe one day people will be more open to the idea of a talking Link some day. If not in main games, at least in spin offs like Hyrule Warriors. I honestly believe some, if not most, people are resistant to a talking Link because of past instances of him talking where it was cheesy as hell.

        1. I agree- if Link is going to speak, keep it in spin-offs. The last thing we need is Link speaking the same way as Samus does throughout the entirety of Other Phlegm in a main Zelda title.

          “I couldn’t tell the townsfolk that Ganon was planning an attack- that would have caused unnecessary panic. The Stone of Agony was resonating- something big was happening, or was about to happen. Nothing could have prepared me for the sudden appearance of-”

          *Gohma bursts forth from the ground, its arrival paralyzing Link, as he believed he had truly killed this tenacious pest several times already. Link stood frozen in fear, in his mind reliving his first terrible battle with the creature, as helpless villagers were slaughtered around him. It isn’t until he sees his ally Tingle get flung off of a nearby cliff that Link springs into action and defeats Gohma once more.

          “I wondered if the villagers suffered much after being impaled by Gohma’s new tail- I’d truly hoped the end was quick for them instead of being long and drawn out. Except for Tingle, at least- I smiled slightly at the thought that that bizarre cross-dresser might have bitten the dust.”

          …Think I threw up in my mouth a little bit just typing that.

          1. I can honestly see a Link doing that, though. Courage isn’t about the absence of fear but the will to act in the face of fear. And since Link is always given the Triforce of Courage when the Triforce splits, I’d say Link getting scared is a very strong possibility. And let’s not forget that Link is almost always a commoner thrust into the role of hero. I’d be shocked if he didn’t have some sense of fear. In fact, I’d call bullshit if some average Joe didn’t at first freak out from being thrown into such a position where if he fucks up, the world is screwed. That’s a lot for a child or young adult to take on. With Samus, it’s different because she was raised to be a warrior from a very young age. So it was silly of her to be completely frozen by fear for as long as she was in that cutscene of Other M. Hence why I think that scene was badly handled and would have been more accepted if it wasn’t a good 2 or 3 minutes long. @.@ A minute, sure. 2 is pushing it. 3 is just silly. Oh & if the game had Samus point out in story that she thought Ridley was dead, I think it would have made that scene better received. Even a scene of her explaining why she froze after the fact might have lessened the blow, too. Yeah. Other M was definitely not Sakamoto’s best writing. As for Samus’ monologuing, I didn’t have an issue with that since she did it in Fusion & I don’t recall people upset with that game’s characterization. All in all, Sakamoto did one bang up job when he wrote the story for Other M. All the plot holes, loose ends left untied, ignoring of certain events, no explanation to some stuff like Samus’ freak out over Ridley. Just one big mess of a story. :/

            1. I was mostly trying to parody that scene with what I wrote, as I’m sure you could tell. No, I don’t have a problem with Samus speaking- Fusion is one of my favorite Metroids because of her occasional speaking (“The SA-X. An X with all my powers and abilities. The SA-X IS me, only heartless.” Paraphrased, but probably my favorite monologue in that game). Other M’s was just overdone, and not in a good way.

              Now I’m fine with Link being shown as frightened, and there are a few times throughout the games where this is shown (jumping from the Goddess Statue as part of the Knight’s Ceremony in Skyward Sword, apprehension towards Midna when they first meet, and extreme discomfort during his “intimate” first encounter with Ghirahim (not 100% sure I’d count that though- ANYONE would be bugged by that). What I’m saying is, don’t go over-the-top with it like the infamous scene in Other M. I have confidence that they won’t but I feel that needs saying.

              1. I’d hope they won’t do something like that with Link if they ever did have him talk since the Legend of Zelda franchise is more protected than even Mario at times which I think has something to do with how the Zelda cartoon & the CDi games were such a travesty and are most widely hated by a good majority of Zelda fans which is a complete contrast to how the Mario cartoon, from what I’ve seen, is far more widely accepted & enjoyed by most Mario fans, a scar they have yet to fully recover from; a big IF since right now, Nintendo is happy with him being silent because of that whole avatar (link to the player) thing.

      1. Ill wait till i have more ‘Solid’ proof with you. I do however have a few screen shots were sickr, anubis, and shuhei have slipped up :D care to see lol

  3. well pokemon GO! was going really swell after people got dedicated to it, even so, it cause so many deaths and horrify accidents. so i think nintendo is making a huge bucks after launching pokemon GO.

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