Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night Delayed To 2018

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has been delayed to 2018. The crowd funded game was intended as a spiritual successor to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. However, it’s March 2017 release date has been pushed back to early 2018. This unfortunate news was announced in an update video on the game’s YouTube channel. While surely disappointing to fans, its team promises it will ultimately improve the game’s quality. Are you still excited for a spiritual successor to Symphony of the Night? Tell us below.

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  1. On one hand it’s good they were upfront in announcing the delay so early, on the other 2018 seems so far away lol.

    Take all the time you need as long as the final product is good I suppose. I assume they want to avoid ending up in the same situation as Mighty No. 9 😕

    1. But isnt that what happened to Mighty Number 9? Too many and too long of delays? If they want to avoid MN9’s fate then they shouldn’t delay for so long. Many times when delays of this length happen its because they are working on too many other projects. This is a crowd funded game, they need to do everything possible to get the game out as quick as possible. IMO this long delay will eventually ruin the game. It will never live up to the long built up hype, and people will get disappointed because they had to wait for soo long for something that is just mediocre….

  2. NX release then? I wonder if that’s part of why the long delay. If not, looks like I’ll get this game on PS4 instead.

    1. That’s what I’m thinking too. They may have opt to make it on the NX instead of the Wii U as well as adding other platforms like the PS4 Pro and the Xbox Scorpio

        1. I doubt it. My bet is that they hadn’t even started on the Wii U version. In fact, I bet it saves them some time as I heard they were using the Unreal engine, and that the Wii U doesn’t officially support Unreal, which means it would have been a hell of a job porting if over.

  3. Pretty happy about this honestly. The game looked okay from the demo footage, but definitely looked a bit rough. Really want this to be as good as possible. Castlevania deserves a good successor!

  4. I’m betting part of the extra development he’s talking about is going to be about shifting the Wii U version to the NX.

    A Wii U version was barely going to be feasible in March 2017. It won’t be in 2018.

    1. this actually is different

      Mighty No Nien was a crap load project that got $2m and Inafune to direct it. It was a recipe of disaster from the beginning

      This one, however, are all directors, devs, game designer and creative artist that left Konami

      1. Not to mention the guy in charge is an actual video game developer who knows what the hell he’s actually doing.

  5. Portaldark, you so right maaaagn. This game is being delayed for all the right reasons, they truly want to deliver the best product possible. Unlike messy no. 9, which was delayed several times just to deliver a mediocre product. Infune didnt put his heart and soul into that game. He got a promised paycheck, so he became stagnant, and was too concerned with a cartoon adaptation etc to focus on making the game itself a quality product. He had already been guaranteed a payday, he had no reason to give two shits about making a quality product, other than to ensure that mega fans would come back for the next game, but I think we can all agree that if a sequel was ever made it would flop, since the first game failed to deliver on expectations, and also failed to meet its own self imposed deadlines.

    1. I agree. This game is funded by the fans, they should be 100% honest with them. There is no reason for the vagueness. I’m not as forgiving as some of you here. I personally think this long of a delay is unacceptable for a crowd funded game without telling us the truth behind the delay.

      1. Well, who knows. The decision to shift the Wii U version to NX might not even be official (It’s mostly just a guess from all of us after all).

        If it’s not set in stone, I don’t think it would be wise for them to talk about it.

  6. a) that is good and b) assuming it does not end up like mighty no.9 with constant delays and “its better than nothing”, look, i like inafune but that was kind of a low blow even from him, i guess he was referring to megaman and capcom when he said that but capcom is not the scummiest we thought they were, that WAS ea but konami took that throne.

  7. To the people comparing this to Mighty No 9, this is different. Mighty No. 9 was being ran by a producer (Keiji Inafune) with no real experience in game development. This game is being ran by someone that’s a video game designer (Koji Igarashi) who does have experience in such things. Not to mention Inafune was more of a businessman than an actual developer hence why he’d do such a shitty job.

    In other words, comparing apples to oranges. Or is it oranges to apples? *shrug*

  8. Kickstarter games being delayed is pretty much the norm, so I wouldn’t be comparing this to MN9 yet. Getting scrapped on the Wii U is also the norm for that matter (in the case of MN9, it probably should’ve been).

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