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Animal Crossing Update Removes All Weeds From Your Town

It seems like Nintendo is offering to do one of your chores. In Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s next update, all weeds growing in your town will be automatically removed. The previously announced patch is primarily being released to add Amiibo support to the game. Nintendo is no doubt removing the weeds because players who gave up on the game would be plagued with them once returning for the update. What do you think of this change? Tell us below.

42 thoughts on “Animal Crossing Update Removes All Weeds From Your Town”

            1. Oh. When I meant, “all bets are off”, I was referring to the fact that you actually have a back yard in your condo, which I find pretty interesting.

              But seeing that you live in Florida makes me think it’s probably common in there; here in British Colombia (as far as I’m concerned; I’ve never really walked into a condo), there aren’t really a lot of condos that have that sort of thing.

              But as for weeds, weeds are everywhere and can probably survive in nearly every environment.

              Damn weeds.

              1. Weeds. Plantlife’s cockroach: survive almost anywhere, hard to get rid of if you let them get out of hand, and even in death, still a pain in the ass to get rid of!

  1. Honestly, I am really excited to jump back into this game when the update hits and I totally get needing to add value to the Animal Crossing Amiibo line. But I can’t help but hope that a brand new AC game is coming soon, hopefully to the NX.

    1. You’re in luck. Amiibo Festival 2 is a launch title.

      Isn’t that the kind of game everyone wants? I mean, who cares about what actually got you into the series. Amiright?

      1. Prepare for Paper Mario: Sticker Star 3: Still No Unique Party Members & Even More RPG Elements Removed, Mario Party: No Turns & Everyone Working Towards a Common Goal, Metroid Prime Federation Force 2: Fuck What You Really Want Out of Metroid! All coming to an NX near you! :D /s

  2. This would be great…

    … if I didn’t have the Perfect Town Ordinance (I’m a strict mayor who enforces all of my townsfolk to clean everything in the town or they WILL be tortured with my shovel until they’re evicted. Luckily, I haven’t had to do that, but when I find out the guy who’s been randomly painting Pitfall Seeds on the ground, he’s/she’s gonna fucking get it!)

      1. … huh. For a little bit, I forgot that I had Kevin Spacey’s face as my profile picture.

        Well, I’m starting to get into House of Cards (my friends have been begging me to watch it). I gotta say, Kevin Spacey is a DAMN good actor.

        But you bringing that up does makes me wonder:

        Would my version be “House of Cards: Animal Crossing Edition” or “House of Animals”? Or something else entirely?

        That is the question.

        1. For me, the only good thing that came from Superman Returns was Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor. A shame it’s probably eliminated him from ever being Lex again in a better Superman movie!

    1. Speaking of, I remember doing that at times in one of the older Animal Crossing games when one of my villagers would piss me off, I’d dig holes all around them to keep them from going anywhere. Cross me, will they!?

    1. xD Best response to someone removing the weeds from your town ever! In fact, I think I intentionally abandoned my village once years ago with an older Animal Crossing game because someone in town pissed me off!

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