The GameCube Is Officially 15 Years Old Today

Originally released in Japan on September 14th, 2001, Nintendo’s console the GameCube is now officially 15 years old.

The console was initially code named ‘Dolphin’ prior to its launch, and in its 7 years of production, the GameCube sold 21.74 million units worldwide before it was discontinued in 2007.

To celebrate, here are some nostalgic GameCube commercials:


  1. And so this era marked the “beginning of the end”..
    Search your memory banks you pathetic sack of bolts and metals.
    You will find this to be true Quadraxis
    Does your programming allow you to perceive that everything has a beginning and everything has an end..
    Your end is near… Only one more cycle before the destruction of the Kyoto whore..
    The Xbots and Sonyians have evolved to avoid a painful end.. Don’t worry, there time will come as well but you and your new order will not be around to see it..

    1. Gamecube games don’t belong on virtual console anyway. The Wii U has wii hardware that can play gamecube games, not emulate. They shouldn’t have locked the feature away. At least there’s softmodding to get past it. Thanks to Sakurai we have gamecube controllers available with the smash adapter.

    1. True. So true.

      But at least the Wii gave us access to every retro game, minus a few N64 titles, a few PSX titles, Sega 32X, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, PS2, Xbox, 3DO, Atari Jaguar, 5th gen arcade titles, etc.

  2. Man those were the days the GameCube was awesome back in 2001. They have so much great games. Super Mario sunshine was the best game ever And I hope they reavaled the brand name for Nintendo NX.

  3. Good times. Melee is arguably the best Smash Bros (I said arguably! Have at it, fanboys…), Wind Waker is fantastic, and there were some great hidden gems like Eternal Darkness, the Baten Kaitos games, and Skies of Arcadia Legends.

    1. If we don’t get Eternal Darkness & the Baten Kaitos games as virtual console some day, I’m gonna be very, very cross. Of course, HD remasters wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

  4. Funny, I was just playing Eternal Darkness this morning. Easily one of the best hour games I’ve played in the past. Still kind of bummed about the fate of Shadow of the Eternals to this day.

    Happy Birthday to what can be considered the last hardcore console Nintendo ever made. I quite missed the lunchbox look it had in the early 2000’s.

    1. I do miss the GCN’s design. I also miss the music that played in the menu if you started up the Gamecube without a game inside.

    2. Last I checked, Shadow of the Eternals is still in development and Quantum Entanglement (formerly Precursor Games) still plans on releasing it. Hopefully their next Kickstarter works out, or they find a publisher. :/

      1. Whoops, I haven’t checked back on the game’s status in a while. With how things were silent for years, I figured that it’s still in development hell or put on the back burner to die.

        Hopefully they stay with their word and get the funding to finish the project.

  5. The Nintendo Gamecube. At times, that console has more nostalgia attached to it than even the SNES & N64!

  6. We may have lost Banjo-Kazooie and Rare that era, but we at least got Sonic (Adventure 2: Battle, Mega Collection, Adventure DX, plus Advance 1 & 2)

    Then Sonic Heroes came, followed by solo Sonic, …………….then Boom.

  7. The Gamecube is still my favorite disc format game console. My only complaint is the memory cards. I had an official memory card 1019, with many of my game saves on it. The stupid thing got corrupted for absolutely no reason, and I lost all of my game files. I couldn’t fix the card either. So I was never able to use it again. I didn’t trust buying another memory card 1019. Not as bad as the problem I had with the N64 controller memory paks though. All 4 of my N64 memory paks got corrupted for no reason.

    Nintendo always had a problem when it came to memory in consoles. Even with the Wii U, they didn’t put a big enough internal hard drive (whatever it’s called) in either model. But back to the Gamecube, I LOVE THE GAMECUBE!

    1. nintendo embrased flash cards generations before any other elec device company the reason n64 cards currupted was the flash at the time it was MEGA EXPENSIVE TECH AND STILL IN ITS EARLY DAYS

      HARDDRIVES HAVE NO PLACE IN A MODDEN SYSTEM HARDDRIVES ARE 50S TECH ninterndo started the flash ssd drive concept before anybody else SOLID STATE NO MOVING PARTS AND COOL AND LOW ENERGY…

      nx will be no different…

      gc could alos use its memory ports as flash drives again a global first in terms of gaming devices etc not many devices at the time could read write to flash drives

  8. xbox fans need to publicalluy grovel after there 6 yr rant at being more powerful MORONS

    not a single game on xbox in HD looks anything close to gc games in HD NOT ONE!!!!!!!

    gc 20 million polys @ 60fps xbox 12 million @~30fps

    gc 8 texture layers per object in a single pass xbox 4 texture layers per object in a single rendering pass

    gc was also BY FAR the fastest disc loading system ever

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