Video: Monster Hunter Stories Receives A New Trailer

Good news for those of you who are looking forward to the upcoming Monster Hunter Stories as Capcom has released a brand new trailer for the game. In addition to releasing the new trailer the company announced a collaboration with the For Kumamoto Project. The new collaboration includes a Otomon named Kuma Ashira and a Kumamoto mask for Jabiru. You can check out the trailer, below. The game launches October 8th in Japan.


  1. The hype is real with this game. Knowing capcom, though, they’d probably never localize it, or wait until the end of the 3DS’s life cycle.

  2. I’ve noticed that several of the latest 3d jrpgs on 3ds have shared a similar graphical appearance that I really don’t like which emphasises the limitations of the platform. Low-poly, bland textures, chibi, isometric …

    … yet, in spite of also being a chibi, 3rd person rpg, I must say this looks MUCH better than the others I’m thinking of. I see so much polish and flair in this. Capcom is clearly not doing any part of this half-heartedly. … not that graphics and cinematic flair define good gameplay (I’ll take a Fun, Butt Ugly game over a the worlds most beautiful trashpile any day … though Beautiful AND Fun is obviously appreciated)), but it does raise hopes they are putting comparable effort into characters, story and mechanics as well.

    If Capcom officially localizes this, as a Monster Hunter, Anime AND RPG fan, I’ll buy this in a Heatbeat.

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