The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 Released On Steam

The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 is now available on Steam. While everyone is busy talking about Mario coming to iOS, this marks the first time Mario has appeared on Valve’s service. All 13 episodes of the series are available to buy separately or as a bundle. However, they are currently only on the North American version of Steam. Nintendo has made no reference to the series’ availability but the rights to the show currently sit with Cookie Jar. Steam’s description of the cartoon can be seen below:

“Another set of adventures starring the now-classic kids’ heroes, the Super Mario Bros. This time Koopa has escaped from a Banishment Zone to battle the Super Mario Bros. And he has a powerful new weapon, the Koopa Kids — Koopa’s bratty, yet lovable, offspring! It’s the irrepressible Mario Bros. versus wild kids gone amuck in outrageous comedy adventures.”

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      1. Look, If Quadarixs wants to do what makes him happy just leave him alone but if it bugs you that much just fuck off and not visit the sight anymore. There you go problem solved plus that annoying Narutard Sasori left but if you plan on staying get used to it like everybody else has.

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      2. What Melfice said. This is Quadraxis. This is how he is on here. Unlike some of us, he’s actually trying to have FUN on here. Hence why he role plays. Most of us are use to it. If you don’t like it, ignore him. Unless he’s hurting your feelings or something, he’s not harming you. If anything, some of you need to quit taking everything so serious or personal on here.

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      1. ||Your delusions are amusing, specially since you created this “thought” all by yourself without my inclusion…||

        ||But that’s fine, it amuses me that your hallucinations are against you, it still gives me more power…||


      2. Hey computer bot, you said “specially” but you meant especially. Aren’t you like a modded gamecube or something? Shouldnt you be able to spell, and use proper sentance structure? Or do you just say things to gove off the impression that your a computer? Anyway, thr Mario 3 cartoon is on steam! Yaaaaay aren’t you so happy about that? I bet your throwing a party.


  1. }{ Fools! Do you not see this is not something to be of concern for Quadraxis? This is the expansion of Nintendo products into the beautiful world of the PC. This is positive for both Nintendo and the industry as a whole. Soon we shall be rid of all console peasantry! }{


    1. ||Except I’m allied with the Steambots so you better ask yourself which side of the so called Master Race you’re on slave…||


      1. }{ I am not a slave sir, in fact entirely the opposite. One of the main beauties of the PC is there is no need for factions due to it’s perfectly open nature, i needn’t be a slave to any one company’s pricing manipulation and gimmicks. So yes, I am allied with the Steambots, just as I am with all other members of the PC…. except Ubisoft… because Uplay sucks… If a Steambot wishes to the Steam Box, this is not console peasantry. The Steambox is merely a PC with a Valve operating system that is intended to plug in to a tv… if they wish to upgrade it, alter it’s OS, or use any sort of input device be it mouse and keyboard, controller, touchpad and pen (a rather niche device), they are more than welcome to, unlike those accursed Xbots and Sony minions… }{


  2. “And he has a powerful new weapon, the Koopa Kids — Koopa’s bratty, yet lovable, offspring!” We all know Miyamoto said they aren’t Bowser’s kids. Then again, most of us don’t give a damn what Miyamoto says about the Koopalings.


    1. At the time of the show’s production, SMB3 wasn’t released in the States yet, so the Koopa Kids’ relation to King Koopa/Bowser was a total mystery. Their TV show names are also different from their official, game names because the localization team hadn’t named them yet.


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