The First Skunk Bundle Is Now Available For Free On Wii U

If you haven’t purchased The First Skunk Bundle on Wii U yet, you can get it for free right now via the Nintendo eShop in North America. Originally priced at $24.99, The First Skunk Bundle is a collection of five games – Haunted Hotel, Snake Classic, Catchy, Bomb Blaster and Zombie Epic. It was released on Wii U earlier this month.


      1. Metroid 2 the return of samus. It’s been on My Nintendo for awhile now but I used my gold coins to get Mario Bros 3 and Wario Land 3 (very disappointed with Wario.)

  1. This is the weirdest collection of games. Super random, and even the title music is like, wtf? Is that ‘Time of Your Life’ by Green Day?? Why is the pyramid game called ‘Catchy’?? So much weirdness. Just tried it out for a few minutes before heading to work. So odd. Enjoyable as a free collection, but full price is laughable.

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